1. S

    Selling properties illegally. Think again

    According to the Fethiye News Area, there's a clampdown kicking in on informal sales/advertising of properties on social media - such as Facebook. If you are not registered, you won't be able to sell. Their translation below, and attached news report: The clamp down on illegal house sales and...
  2. Leo

    New Gov't app for reporting those smoking illegally in Turkey

    Turkish Health Ministry develops app to report violations in smoke-free areas - LOCAL
  3. D

    Oruc invade Iztuzu Beach illegally - again!

    Dalyan Çevre Geliştirme Turizm İnşaat Emlak ve Otel A.Ş. (DALCEV)’s claim to have the management rights over Dalyan’s Iztuzu Beach and their attempt to put their personal bellongings in one of the huts in the beach has arouse a new argument. Tuesday night, a group of people whom claim to be...
  4. A

    Blackwater illegally paid millions in taxpayer money

    For half a decade, American taxpayers unknowingly spent millions of dollars every year to fund private security agency Blackwater’s so-called “democracy building” missions in Iraq. A new report completed by the US State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors Office of Inspector...
  5. P

    Garden of Sun built illegally

    The bulldozers are going in! Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Top hotel faces demolition order
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