1. Camden

    Bulgarian trade in illegal world of organised dogfighting

    Disgusting ....warning of distressing images Inside the illegal world of organised dogfighting - BBC News - YouTube
  2. V

    Illegal extension, help please!

    A builder extended my 2 bed detached villa on a sitesi making it a 3 bed with extra room underneath & balcony. He said it was legal as the structure was not permanent, as it was built from metal and plasterboard, not concrete. We have since discovered that it probably isn’t legal and worried...
  3. Tenpin

    Center Against Illegal Streaming

    Looks like Turkey is founding a center against illegal streaming. Turkey to found center against illegal streaming Our use of Kodi may be coming to an end in the not too distant future.
  4. S

    Jail for using illegal streams

    Digital Economy Act: Illegal streams could now land users in prison for 10 years - Of course the way to be sure of not breaking the law is to use a site recommended by Sleepy-it's guaranteed not to broadcast any streams legal or otherwise
  5. A

    illegal build

    Hello. An owner has built a bike cage on our site. My understanding is that it is illegal to build any solid structure on communal ground. The cage stops other owners from access to a window,access to aircon unit and access to painting their wall. Is this illegal|?
  6. M

    Illegal Buildings Amnesty Law

    Does anyone know if there is an amnesty available in Turkey for buildings put up without the correct planning permission before 2004? I have been told that this amnesty exists, but it's quite a difficult thing to search for on Google. The word 'amnesty' brings up hundreds of human-rights...
  7. mamish

    Illegal construction - equal treatment?

    So, one is ordered to be demolished. What about the other one? And if it's not, does that give grounds for challenging demolition orders on all "illegal" construction?? 'Illegal' construction of Reza Zarrab to be demolished - CRIME Construction of presidential palace unlawful: Turkey's top...
  8. MiddleEarth

    Illegal and out-of-date software (in)security

    Security threats rank as top reason not to use illegal software "Computer users cite the risk of security threats from malware as the top reason not to use unlicensed software. Among their specific concerns are intrusions by hackers and loss of data." Security Threats: Unlicensed Software...
  9. T

    Help, our house sold off illegaly in Yalikavak

    Hi all I don't know where to start with this as I'm still in complete shock. Having emailed Yunuskoy Sitesi to find out how much aidat I was due to pay, I have been told by the co-operative that my house had been sold to a Turkish family in the summer. Really?!? Apparently my Turkish agent...
  10. newhorizon

    Turkey builds wall on Syrian border to stem illegal migration

    Turkey is building a two-meter high wall along part of its border with Syria near an area of frequent fighting to try to stop people from illegally bypassing its checkpoints and prevent smuggling, officials said on Monday. Construction workers with excavators began digging foundations in...
  11. Jaycey

    Legal or illegal?

    The Residents Committee for our Alanya complex is in Ireland and all meetings and decisions are made there without reference to the owners in Turkey - they have just appointed a new management company. The ownership of our apartment complex is approx 50/50 Irish/local. The Turkish owners claim...
  12. Jaycey

    Tobacco: Legal or Illegal??

    When we lived in Marmaris I was told that the sale of loose tobacco was illegal yet we eventually found one tobacco shop in the bazaar :der: Does anyone perhaps know the legal position on this? And does anyone perhaps know where we can buy cigarette tobacco in Alanya? Thanks
  13. Jaycey

    NEVER have sex with an Illegal Immigrant!

    An illegal immigrant picks up a hooker in Soho . "Hey, how much you charge for da hour, sister?" he asks. "£100," she replies. In broken English, he says, "Do you do immigrant style?" "No" she says. "I pay you £200 to do immigrant style." "No," she says, not knowing what...
  14. G

    Illegal tampering with the electric meter

    My apartment has been empty since about December 2007. Twice unwanted guests (squatters) have been living in my apartment. Once for 6 months in 2006 and now for one month in July 2012. I have only used the apartment for 3 weeks in 2007. I was under the false impression that I had a legal...
  15. K

    Illegal Pork

    To quell the rumours rapidly travelling around Altinkum the new PORK SHOP has NOT had 300kg of illegal pork confiscated.All our pork products are LEGALLY IMPORTED and we are OPEN for buisness as usual.I should like to take this oppertunity to thank all our regular customers for their support and...
  16. O

    Illegal fundraising in yalikavak

    TO EVERYONE: Yalikavak will no longer allow illegal fundraising activities to take place anymore...this includes and not limited to : Fundraising for it book sales, fundraising dinners and bric and brac sales. This also applies to all the non-animal groups that are also doing...
  17. A

    Illegal Pools

    Does anyone have an update with regard to the situation of illegal pools
  18. teosgirl

    Interesting article regarding 'illegal' gambling in Turkey

    Foreign gambling websites cash in on Turkey?s illegal market A gentle hint in Todays Gule* regarding illegal gambling - Upcoming investigations intend to decipher the methods being used to provide outlets for gambling in Turkey. The technique used in the Internet cafes in question is that when...
  19. altinkum kev

    Illegal immigrants UK

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Appleby almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the county of Cumbria? And, they even tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are...
  20. scotssteve

    Illegal pools

    Just back from the meeting in the mayors office with the FCO representative. Apparently the head of planning admitted that his staff had been aware of a number of illegal pools - but done nothing until recently. I read that as signing off on HC even when a pool had appeared which is not on the...
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