1. S

    Ikamet questions.

    if i got the short ikamet do i need to stay in turkey for specific time to get it or to keep it valid? Do i need to renew it every few months or years? Can i stay outside turkey for long time without getting canceltion ?
  2. elub

    EU ID card or Passport + ikamet card?

    Hi everyone, I come quite often to istanbul like once month, if I enter/exit Turkey with following documents (for a stay less than 90/180days) : option 1: with my valid ikamet + passport option 2: with my EU national ID card Will there be any difference, apart from with option 1 the...
  3. K

    Ikamet form

    Where do I find the form to get my a new ikamet please.
  4. K

    HELP! First time residency application for problem

    HELP!! Been trying for days to get into the First time residency applicationform but it is not loading?? e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr[/url] After selecting FIRST TIME button and then choosing Province we have been led to then expect the Application for itself. However, it pops up an already seemingly...
  5. H

    renewing ikamet on line

    Hahaha! total computer cock up!! I obtained a new ikamet valid for nine months from 9/04/15 to 9/01/16. I arrived in Turkey on an e-visa on 25/03/15 and then applied for the ikamet and had no problems in obtaining it - went very smoothly. I left Turkey for the UK on 13/07/15 and am returning...
  6. keny

    ikamet resident application forms

    Can Anyone help? I am trying to access where I can fill in the residency forms online and print off. I can't find a site to do this?
  7. D

    Recordbreaking Ikamet renewal?

    Is this a record? Handed in our applications at Marmaris Polis on Wednesday, 8/04/2015, received texts with the tracking barcodes on Thursday afternoon, and the new Ikamets arrived in Marmaris, Friday afternoon and were available for collection at Marmaris Ptt on Saturday morning, 11/04/2015...
  8. A89

    new ikamet

    I'm gobsmacked to tell you all that I applied for my new ikamet last Monday (9th) and it came today!!! :eek: :yipee: alison
  9. C

    Renewing Ikamet

    Hi All, a friend of mine is due to renew her ikamet (mines not till June things could change by then) in Alanya has anybody done this lately??? she is over 65 so I believe she won't need health insurance, what documents does she need,??? she rents her apartment any advice greatly received...
  10. H


    Just picking brains here I am english and live in Dalyan I have married a Turkish man how long do I have to wait before I canapply for my Janet is it 3 or 5 or 8 years x
  11. G

    electricity/gas/water without ikamet

    greetings from Istanbul. I have applied for a residence permit but I am told it might take up to 3 months. Meanwhile I should rent an appartment. However most apparments need me to subscribe to the water/gas/electricity with my name. And I read online that an ikamet, residence permit, is needed...
  12. J

    Health Insurance and Ikamet

    Can someone please help me regarding the following: 1. We have to renew our Ikamets by 27th September but how soon do we apply? 2. One of us is 62 and has been told that they don't need Health Insurance! 3. Is it therefore free for the 62 year old? 4. If there is no health insurance then...
  13. A

    Ikamet renewal- cost

    It seems the cost of the Ikamet renewal is beginning to hit home. A couple I know only has his name on the tapu. so for her Ikamet they did a rental agreement, translated to Turkish and notarised. Cost about 300 Lira. The rental agreement has to state a rental income, so he is now liable for...
  14. J

    E-Visa whilst Ikamet Valid??

    I have a strange scenario here and wonder if anyone can advise. I rent my home from an English man. My Ikamet is due for renewal at the end of september. I believe now, that my rental contract is required to be notarised for the purpose of the ikamet, however, my Landlord seems to have...
  15. A89

    Ikamet address change if renting.

    I went to the Nufus office yesterday with a friend who needed to change the address in her Ikamet. We were told in order to do that it is now compulsory to have a rental contract that has been notarised. Alison
  16. L

    Ikamet and tourist visa

    I'm a US citizen planning to live (but not work) in Istanbul for one year. I'm a graduate student. I just got a serious scare... I arrived in Turkey in December on a 90/180 tourist visa. I've been here for almost two months now and only now decided to apply for my extended stay (uzun sure)...
  17. MrSimit

    Ikamet and tourist visa

    I will be leaving Turkey soon for the first time since I obtained my residence permit. I assume that I will not be required to purchase a tourist visa when I return in the new year but wanted to check? What is the procedure for passing through passport control upon return - do you just present...
  18. D

    Can I leave on an ikamet and come in on a tourist visa?

    My residency permit runs out next month and although I have a work permit and will be getting a new work permit there is a problem with my paper work and I am concerned about getting everything back in time so I can go to the UK in January. I'm thinking of going to Bulgaria soon - leaving...
  19. Yildez Datca

    Info: address change on Ikamet

    If you change address you are required to inform the Customs police within 48 hours of the move. To change the address on your Ikamet you need to re-register with the local Muktah, get a print-out of the new address from the Maliye, provide 3 photos and a copy of your Tapu/ rental agreement -...
  20. I

    e-rendevous times (for Ikamet)

    Anyone whose Ikamet is running out should get their skates on. I just saw a post in another forum that the earliest time the poster could get an appointment to renew his Ikamet was 30th May!!! I didn't think there were that many foreigners in Istanbul but many come here from the ex Soviet...
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