1. V

    Ignore Lists

    One of the most amusing yet sad things I have seen on the TLF recently has been the use of ignore lists - and even people being threatened with this horrendous action as if it is something on a par with being tarred and feathered, hung drawn and quartered or maybe even struck down with some...
  2. Lez Zetli

    Testing, ignore (but I bet you peek)

    Microsoft can't do maths:
  3. Mojive

    Why ask for help and advice and then ignore it?

    I am so annoyed with my work mate,she is 31, sometimes a little slow on the up take,she asked for help, I helped her, to sort out her incomings and outgoings back in March after her breakup with her bloke.....including her Council Tax! All sorted I thought...she would not open a back account...
  4. Yalides

    Ignore list

    Do you have one ? I don`t. If you give it out you must expect to get it back. Its only words after all.
  5. S

    ignore option

    would someone please remind me how to use the "ignore" option? thanks
  6. suzyq

    The REAL scandal MPs ignore

    While Westminster fiddled over the phone-hacking frenzy, the European economy was burning last night. World financial watchdogs issued an extraordinary warning of a global economic ‘earthquake’ triggered by the failure of many countries to get to grips with massive debts. To add insult to...
  7. val2661

    Ignore list

    I've just been reading a thread where people are saying 'you are now on my ignore list'. How many of you on here have people on your ignore list? If you do have a list, how many are on it? I'm not interested in names, reasons or anything, just wondered if many of you do use the ignore...
  8. Marc

    Please Ignore

  9. M

    file error ignore !

    Support our troops !!! In the gallery - under the folder name " Joke" I have posted a piccy of HRH during a recent tour in Afghanistan. See if you can spot him amongst the troops ! fair play to him for going - Children from top politicians might want to follow his example..... Had a bit of a...
  10. M

    Just Testing Ignore

    So you didn't ignore this. OK My name is Mujib from the UK. I've just joined your forum.
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