1. C

    Identity declaration law

    Hi all, A little advise needed please. I have an apartment in the Dalaman region and whilst I don’t rent the property out, on a few occasions over the years my parents have visited a couple of times, once whilst I have also been out and once on their own. Could I ask for some clarity as to...
  2. M

    Mistaken Identity

    This may be a long shot but does anyone know if a Martin Ross resides in or has a property in Golturbuku? I think SGK has got me mixed up with another person with the same name. Grateful for any help
  3. A

    Foreigner Identity Number. Bodrum

    Hi, Can anyone tell me where the Foreigners Police Department is that covers the Bodrum area. I need to apply for a Foreigner Identity Number. Thanks
  4. A


    Hello. My understanding is that anyone with a blue book for residency must carry it at all times. I have been told that all you need to carry is a colour,laminated,copy of passport. Is that correct? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. kemerkid

    Real identity

    I wonder how many members would be happy to join a forum if they had to reveal in detail their true identity. it would be interesring to see how ready they would be to make inapropriate comments to other members if this was the case
  6. A

    Facebook identity theft

    Some scumbag has opened an account on facebook using the name Akbuk Rob. He has stolen a whole host of copyright photo’s from my website and published them as free to copy. He has sent invites to Akbuk locals pretending to be me. I imagine his next step will be to make malicious remarks to...
  7. ceemac

    National Identity

    The Britain/Ireland thing debate on the Burkha thread was way off topic, so I've started this one as I just want to say something as comments have been posted that are not factual. The fact is that the place where I live is officially called Northern Ireland - that is what it is...
  8. J

    T.C. Identity Code

    I have tried registering for the Migros online shopping service. They require you to provide a T.C. Identity Code. Does anyone know what this is, e.g tax number, residency number? Thanks for your assistance.
  9. R

    My New Identity

    Hello All. I've had to change my name from Rosehillgirl to Rosehillgirl1. I've had my hotmail account hacked once again and they also got into my e-bay account. I've had to set up a new e-mail account and re-register with e-bay, pay-pal, TLF etc. I had my hotmail account hacked about six...
  10. T

    Identity Theft

    Sorry to be a "killjoy" on your very useful forum but do you realise what some of you are doing? Some of you are giving out (on a easily accessible public forum) too much information about yourselves. For example some of you say where you live in the UK and that you have a holiday home in...
  11. Mushtaq

    Turkey facing identity crisis

    By Sabrina Tavernise The New York Times Monday, December 4, 2006 For every stereotype of a Muslim country, Turkey has a fact to break it. It has Islamic feminists (a few), and Israeli tourists (many). Reality dating shows have had the highest ratings on television and Islamic fashion sashays...
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