1. juco

    Help to identify a complex

    Bit of a long shot this but maybe someone can help. I am looking for the name of a complex and I am hoping when i hear it I will recognise it. Not much to go on, bu I`ll try anyway. It is about 20 minutes maybe a bit more from the airport. It had possibly first phase completed this year or...
  2. juco

    Help to identify this plant/fruit

    Find below a couple of pictures of a shrub and the fruit it bears. Everyday during the last couple of months I have watched turkish people pick the `fruits` From what I can gather it is used in salads (I think). The `fruits` were about 2-3 inches long. Questions.... 1. What is it? 2. How is it...
  3. F

    identify this insect

    We were walking round the Herakleia site at Lake Bafa and saw this insect. Anyone know what it is?
  4. davidmbell

    Can anyone identify this song?

    Was hunting around YouTube today as its raining and I was day dreaming about holidays in Turgutreis... Anyway, saw this video and absolutely LOVE the song. Can anyone tell me who this is and what the track is called? Thanks, in advance, and Happy New...
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