1. A

    2 FREE Tickets this Friday; Ideal Home Exhibition, London

    Would anyone like the 2 tickets I purchased for Friday, 22nd November, to the Ideal Home Exhibition at Olympia in London? I thought I would be in England at that time but things have changed and now I'm in the UK from 1st to 12th December instead, so cannot use these tickets. In exchange...
  2. Mushtaq

    Ideal place to live?

    I though it might be worth getting some advice from our varied membership regarding what would be an ideal area/region/country to live if I was to spend more time away from UK. I know it depends on a number of things and individual needs and circumstances but still worth trying to get some...
  3. S

    Ideal holiday!!!!

    I am sooooo there!!!!
  4. A

    Your Ideal Estate Agent, if you could bake the perfect broker

    What would you want and expect from your ideal estate agent? Of course, there's only so much influence even the best agent can have on things like property management. But given the context and environment, what do you need and hope from your salesperson?
  5. madnesstiger

    XBOX - Ideal & Very Cheap Media Centre

    'Ello Everybody :) Not sure if this has been mentioned before (couldn't find it in a search anyhow). Anyway, this could be an ideal solution for the more technical of us to catch up with recent English TV... and more! I have an XBOX (the original black type, which can be picked up for...
  6. Mushroom

    Villa for rent in Gulluk - ideal for holidays or inspection/snagging trips

    Newly built by Odek and available from June 2008 onwards. 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom fully furnished detached villa on hillside location with superb views out to the bay. 10 mins walk to the waterfront or 30 mins walk into Gulluk (only 3 mins drive). Sleeps 6 in comfort. Only 15 minutes drive to...
  7. B

    Ideal xmas gift

  8. Marc

    Akbuk Villa (Villa Marje) available to rent. Ideal for viewing trips

    Akbuk (Villa Marje) available to rent. Ideal for family holidays or viewing trips I'm at the point that I think i have got everyting sorted in the villa :36: time for it to start paying its way I reckon!! :cheers: We have decided to rent it out so if there is anybody thinking of taking a...
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