1. Jaycey

    Good Idea

    A program in California is trying to save unwanted pets from euthanasia by sending them to live with prison inmates. Founder Zach Skow says it gives the dogs a new life, and may ease prisoners into a new life of their own...
  2. Camden

    What a Good Idea

    Can't wait to try it ....the Ferry journeys themselves can be magical if you have the time. Partly it is the fact you can imagine that you are making the same Bosporus crossing many have throughout the centuries have, a treat, just sitting there with your cay and simit the seagulls following...
  3. L

    Any idea of costs for setting up Administration to comply with Condominiums Law?

    Hi, our small complex of 12 apartments are hoping to go through the administration procedure to comply with condominium law. Can anyone give me a rough idea how much this should cost us as we have been quoted 500 Euros plus expenses just to set up and I have no idea if this is reasonable? Many...
  4. B

    Any idea ?

    This has just popped up on a piece of land at the side of our place, any ideas what it is, if its for street cats why the fence around it? if its for birds why the ramp outside? its got me jiggered.
  5. S

    Is it a bad idea for a fomer gulenists to visit turkey?

    as a kid and teen, I used to be a part of gulen movement, and my family still is......but I have since distanced myself from the it unsafe for me to visit?
  6. S

    If you are religious, is it a bad idea to marry a secular Turk?

    I'm religious, for instance, I don't eat non zabiha meat even though I live in a western country, I don't listen to music, I pray 5 times a day, I use to grow a beard until my secular mother forced me to shave (I'm 17, so...her rules), I fast during Ramadan.....etc. would it be too much of a...
  7. pembelu

    haliflex / ready carpet-no idea actual sqm 2 x rolls

    i dont know the sizes but cost alot new. used for around 3m in winter now no longer needed sold as 2 rolls 100tl central koycegiz collection. its clean
  8. N

    Ive had an idea

    After a year of putting our stamp on our new home Im now bored and think I might like to get a part time job. However, who is going to employ a 65 year old woman and I really dont fancy shelf stacking or cleaning. Then last week whilst on holiday in the caravan I saw an ad in the reception area...
  9. bal canavar

    Vanity Project or Good Idea ??

    The Garden Bridge Project. The new garden bridge proposed to cross the Thames, is it a good Idea or just a Vanity project ?? The cost to build is estimated at a £160mil and £2mil to upkeep every year . So what do you think ?? Should they build it and keep London in the forefront of design ...
  10. C

    great snack idea

    Put grapes in the freezer - make a healthy snack! as shown to me by my son Paul 8 years old. a grape idea!
  11. S

    Good idea!!!

    Maybe it would be a good idea....... BBC News - Joke bid to bar women from pub during TV football match
  12. B

    Try-Before-You-Buy, or Rent-to-Buy Idea

    Hi, our villa is already for sale on this Forum, but we have come up with an idea that could help someone who wishes to upgrade to a villa from an apartment, but who is waiting for their apartment to sell, or is not quite ready to purchase at the moment., You could rent our villa, road-test it...
  13. beyazbayan

    Wonderful idea

    Yesterday hubby came home with an extension lead which had four ports. two continental two pin and two UK three pin. Wonderful as usually when you use the adaptors they cover the port next to them. İt is so much neater and you can use all four port. Haven't seen one before. You can ask the...
  14. G

    Living in Paspatur, bad/good idea?

    Hello all, I'm new to this site, but have been hanging around Aegean coast expat blog sites since 2009. I'm an American of Turkish origin, looking towards a retirement life, post North American rat race, on the Aegean coast. I'm familiar with Antalya and Alanya, have visited Bodrum and...
  15. altinkumforum

    Angelina Jolie's Visit for Syrians - Whats you idea?

    Hi everyone, Finally its today Angelina Jolie is in Turkey for Syrians, She is on world's press. What personally do you think? News : from Turkish daily news Angelina Jolie visits Syrian refugees - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  16. martin m

    Just an idea - how not to get ripped off in Turkey

    Hi all After reading yet another really incredible story as it unfolds this time in akbuk, it appears to me that we are failing as fellow purchasers, or brits, call it what you will, in our attempts to warn off fellow prospective purchasers, to only part with as little money as possible and in...
  17. arrian

    another sick idea!

    Chimpanzee meat discovered in British restaurants and market stalls | Mail Online
  18. J

    Any idea what the TL going rates for:

    Plumber Carpenter Electrician Handyman - Daily/Weekly in the Bodrum are? Cheers, Jim.
  19. Joe in Tasucu

    Now here's an idea...

    Please spare a thought for poor Mike Phelps who wrote this to the Daily Mail. I had not realised one of the new goverment's first acts was to pass a law compelling everybody in the UK to watch every football match televised. Thinking about it, if that had happened I am sure someone would...
  20. pineapple1

    An Idea For Dog Sanctuary

    Well i was thinking last night ..about the sanctuarys in Turkey , and i had one of my brainstorms again !!!! I asked the cost of a phograph when Beni & Bonnie had thier pics taken at our local dogs home in UK , £20 each without any frame just small size ..Theres a price list in the link on that...
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