1. ted j

    Coloured toolbar icons for firefox

    If you don't like the all dark grey, minimalistic look of the firefox toolbar icons, try these Grizzly's Home Page - Firefox Toolbar Icons for WinXP Ted
  2. M

    Big icons on desktop

    This really is for my friend. I have been trying for about two hours today to reduce the size of the icons on her desktop, they are so big they fill her screen. I have searched all through the display and preferences, I altered the dpi, I altered the font size, applied it and after a restart...
  3. ceemac


    In Internet Explorer, when I click on Favourites, all the icons are now the bland internet explorer one ie previously they all were specific to the company site they referred to (eg ryanair had a little company logo harp beside their name) Anybody have any ideas as to why they've disappeared...
  4. ceemac


    Would anyone have an idea on this - when I add a website to my favourites list, Easyjet for example, the easyjet logo appears beside it's name in my list, However, a day or two later it disappears to be replaced by the bland internet explorer logo. Anyone know why this happens and is there a...
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