1. bickern

    Sultan Ibrahim - Executed

    DID YOU KNOW? SULTAN IBRAHIM, NICKNAMED "THE MAD" WAS OVERTHROWNED BY THE JANISSARIES AND EXECUTED. The Ottoman state was greatly weakened by war, misrule, and rebellion during his reign (1640-1648). Ibrahim’s unfortunate mental state was probably because he was locked up in the cage, a...
  2. S

    Ibrahim Tatlises shot

    Just seen on Facebook that Ibrahim Tatlises was shot in the head last night after his show, he has undergone surgery to remove the bullet but is in critical condition according to reports! Sara
  3. R

    Ibrahim & sue - morgul antik restaurant

    We were out in Yali last week and back out again in 4 weeks time.....just wanted to say how lovely the restaurant is looking now it's all been done up and how delicious the food is. Sue and Ibrahim and the waiters are always great with the kids and the beer garden with all the kiddies play...
  4. S

    Thanks Sue & Ibrahim

    Just to say that we finally found your restaurant and am so glad, the food was superb. I now know just the place to cure my pregnancy craving for a good Indian curry. Maybe next time we'll be able to get a babysitter and relax a bit more without our 3 year old singing Bob the Builder at the...
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