1. M

    Sir Ian Holm

    Another one gone today. Aged 88. RIP Sir Ian. Maisie
  2. bickern

    Ian Brady, 79, is 'at death's door'

    Oh dear how sad. I hope they keep him alive but in agony for a while longer, as in much longer. Moors killer Ian Brady, 79, is suffering from lung cancer | Daily Mail Online Rot in hell when you get there Brady.
  3. T

    Ian Paisley

    Rev Ian Paisley died aged 88 earlier today RIP. Truly a very controversial figure throughout his lifetime
  4. T

    New Ian Rankin Rebus novel out.

    I read this in the paper this morning and downloaded the it onto my kindle straight away. Looking forward to falling behind in all my jobs for a couple of days. Anybody else out there an Ian Rankin fan? wttp://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/nov/16/saints-shadow-bible-ian-rankin-review
  5. jaimie

    Ian Brady: Endgames of a Psychopath

    Just finished watching this documentary. My gosh that brady is a piece of rubbish isn't he! The woman that is is mental health advocate stated she "wasn't interested in what happened 50 years ago" and that "every human being has rights and should be respected". Well I am sorry but I don't...
  6. arrian

    Ian Brady

    Ian Brady reveals burial i've put this in the back room because of the nature of the thread, but the mods may decide to move it to news and views. Has Ian Brady finally given up the true details and so give the mother peace of mind after all these years? Brady 'reveals where Keith buried' -...
  7. John O' Dreams

    Ian Paisley Sick

    Paisley Snr in intensive care Former DUP leader Ian Paisley Snr has been admitted to the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald. UTV understands that the 85-year-old Rev Paisley is being treated in the intensive care unit in the hospital in east Belfast, after suffering from heart problems on Sunday. In...
  8. J

    RIK...aka Ian

    I am a very good friend of RIKs wife, Elaine. I rang this evening for a general chit chat, as you do. To be informed that RIK (Ian) is in hospital with a Brain bleed...,sorry i can not give any more information as Elaine was too upset to talk. I am going to call Elaine again in the morning...
  9. ceemac

    Soham killer Ian Huntley's throat slashed in prison

    Ian Huntley, who killed schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham in 2003, has been taken to hospital after having his throat slashed. Here C
  10. ZiaCa'

    Happy Birthday Ian!

    Wishing you a fantastic day....and all others celebrating today! :pressie::pressie::pressie::pressie::pressie:
  11. kaplumba

    calling Ian Jones

    Hi Ian Hun. Thought I should start a new thread for my reply to you on the closure thread otherwise we would be off topic and then be in sooo much trouble (what more I hear you say). I had a bit of a funny time a few months ago. I thought I had asked you to be my friend on face book ages ago and...
  12. Andy

    Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy Birthday Ian Have a good day and enjoy yourself what-ever your doing Best Wishes:52: And birthday wishes to any other members with birthdays today.
  13. sandpearse

    Happy Birthday Ian Jones

    Happy Birthday Ian, hope you have a lovely day today :-) Belated birthday cake will be ready next time you are in Bodrum! And a Happy Birthday to others who have their birthday today :-) x x
  14. Andy

    Ian flies to Turkey

    Just to say, have a great months holiday in Turkey tomorrow Ian. It must be nice to look forward to abit of dry sunny weather for a change. Whens your flight so we can check up and see you off. Enjoy yourselves you deserve it. Andy
  15. I

    Ian K here

    Hello all. We are a retired couple who love turkey and hope to buy a property in turkey soon. I have visited about 20 times in the last 10 years and Marje my wife has been about 12 times . We do not always holiday together as we breed Siamese cats and have difficulty arranging for someone to...
  16. I

    Ian & Mary New Members

    Hi everyone , we are Ian and Mary from sunny York, England, hoping to buy in the next few weeks so thought it might be useful to join this forum to help stop ourselves from being led astray by the wrong People!!. We are looking to buy something around £20k or £30k in either Kusadasi or Altinkum...
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