New Roads Hunters Valley

    Hi, new roads where taking shape when we left early October, if anyone as info on the roads & any latest pics in and around Sunset Apartments I would be most grateful. Johnyh.:rockon:
  2. M

    Four bedroom villa for sale - Hunters Valley

    Hi everyone! My wife & I bought our villa from new in 2004. Unfortunately we are now trying to sell it due to financial difficulties & we are not having much luck so far. It was suggested we try on here & was just wondering if it was possible to do this before I put anymore details? Thank you, Mick
  3. kaytee

    Hunters Valley

    Which area is Hunters Valley? Have heard it lots of times but am never sure which part of Altikum it is! Thanks!
  4. M

    shop in Hunters Valley

    Hi We have just had a great week in Altinkum.we have an apartment in Hunters Valley. On Sunday afternoone we went with some friends and children for a drink in the ark bar in the Valley. Because it was hot i took 2 children to the shop across the road for an Ice Cream/ Lolly pop. To cut a long...
  5. mike320

    Hunters Valley Roads

    Hi everyone just back from another great week in altinkum . Very pleased to see the progress made to the roads around hunters valley, starting to look really tidy now with most of the roads up to the new builds tarmaced (proper tarmac) the photo shows the road up to the medusa oto park. ps...
  6. M

    Hunters Vally

    Can we have sub forum for Hunters Vally? Thanks
  7. Pennie

    Hunters Valley

    Thought this article may be of interest to some of our members living in Hunters Valley. Pennie xx
  8. M

    roads Hunters vally

    Hi can any one update us on the roads leading into Hunters Valley. coming in from the police station road. Not sure if any thing has been done, or if they are still the same as last year. Thanks
  9. H

    Hunters valley roads update

    Can anyone update me on the progress of the roads in hunters valley please! Is there any sign of the blackstuff going down yet???? particularly the road passed the karasoy market cheers Tony
  10. rafiki

    Hunters Valley !!

    I don't suppose this report will help the resale value of anyones property in 'Hunters Valley'!! or any of estate agents trying to sell properties there. RESIDENTS concerned that Hunters Valley is becoming a ‘ghetto’ have won assurances from the Mayor that major improvements will soon be...
  11. G

    Treasure hunters blowing up historic stone monuments

    Treasure hunters blowing up historic stone monuments Wednesday, August 24, 2005 ANKARA - Turkish Daily News Treasure hunters are using dynamite and destroying historic stone monuments bearing ancient reliefs and sculptures in the central province of Konya in a fruitless search for gold and...
  12. K

    hunters valley

    can anyone tell me where hunters valley is located in altincum.Ithink our apt. is roughly in G11.alsohas any one bought from the furniture shop same area , Ege Caddesi.there is a Geordie working there. thanks kevin.
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