1. Mojive

    The Hunt BBC1 tonight

    Sir David Attenbourough has been out and about with the camera crew again, really looking forward to viewing tonight, the series is bound to be very good with some stunning shots. Love these programmes with Sir David Attenbourough :) Mo xx
  2. D

    The first Dalyan Treasure Hunt

    This will start/finish at Okyanus Restaurant on the kordon. Wednesday April 3rd 11am-2pm. 10tl per entry. Proceeds to Dalyan Animal Shelter. Bring the family and come and join in the fun.
  3. ted j

    Cameron's buddies kill fox in hunt

    Brain dead if you ask me Anyone who thinks this is sport, has something seriously wrong with them (Warning , video) Fox killed by Cameron's local hunt - video | UK news |
  4. B

    The hunt for Bin Laden.

    I watched a very interesting programme on ITV last night concerning the hunt to bring Bin Laden to justice. I can't believe the amount of bureacracy and red tape that the CIA and FBI had to go through in order to do their job. It seems neither organisation was sharing information with the other...
  5. mollag

    Spud hunt

    Does anyone know where a chap can purchase sweet potatoes around the Bodrom peninsula? :confused:
  6. jaimie

    Two bodies found in hunt for missing Sian

    Two bodies have been found in the hunt for missing woman Sian O'Callaghan, one of which is thought to be the missing 22 yr old, and a 47 yr old man has been arrested. There are some terrible people on this planet isn't there? This kind of sad incident always highlights the need (often and sadly...
  7. P

    Week old hunt ends.

    Can't see if anyones posted this. BBC NEWS | News Front Page
  8. G

    House hunt

    Hi We will be coming over to Dalyan on the 15th of May with the intention of buying a house in Koycegiz or Dalyan.We have a limited budget under £100000 but are cash buyers.We have been to Dalyan but not Koycegiz could anyone give us the names of any reputable agents.I have e-mailed lots on the...
  9. ceemac

    Man In Animal Skin Shot During Hunt

    This is quite ironic actually. A wild boar hunting party shot one of their own people dead by mistake. The thing is, the tragic victim was dressed as an animal - how clever is that? Here C
  10. Jenny

    Looking for opinions and advice on job hunt

    Hi everyone, I am a primary school teacher from the Wirral and have been qualified for 2 years now. My specialist subject is Advanced study of early years and I have taught right from nursery age through to the juniors. I would like to teach in or around Fethiye but would also be interested in...
  11. merlin

    Turkish Living Portable Air Conditioner Hunt....

    This has me foxed. I have spent so many hours trying to locate these units so I throw down the gauntlet to the members :lol: A few years back there was a shop in Fethiye selling these. Paid a ridiculously low price of 100YTL. It did cold, hot, flow control and even had a timer and remote...
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