1. mollag

    Humour, Rude not Racist

  2. Yalides

    Libtards and humour

    Lefties, with one or two notable exceptions, are a sour, boot-faced lot. They are inevitably so because they are motivated by grievance and envy, neither of which is a sentiment guaranteed to put joy in one's heart. They seek offence where none is intended; they strive to suppress...
  3. bickern

    Who says maths teachers can't have a sense of humour?

    This is maths professor Matthew Weathers from Biola University, and he's good enough at After Effects to make his students laugh.
  4. K

    No sense of humour?

    This is a link to an article about Arty's increasing irritation with cartoonists' depictions of him. In the article there is also a link to other cartoons sent to a website in support of a Turkish cartoonist who was arrested. Some are very clever; all make a political point about the political...
  5. K

    Leaders' lack of humour

    It's often said that people like Hitler lacked a sense of hunour, and we all find life can be easier if we can laugh about things. The true spirit of a rounded personality may also include the ability to laugh at your self, so where does this place President Erdogan? Be warned, this story...
  6. S

    US cops - no sense of humour

  7. bal canavar

    No Sense of Humour

    Zafer Caglayan the controversial Kurdish AKP Politician well known for his anti semitic remarks and his forced to resignation as govt minster for corruption., was back in the news . Whilst at a restaurant Caglayan was approached by a fellow diner a young doctor who asked as a joke "can you...
  8. J

    gezi humour

    Gezi Park style humour all over again! Erdo?an hologram inspires laughter, satire - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news
  9. mollag

    Downton Abbey humour

    His Lordship was in the study at Downton Abbey when the butler approached and and coughed discreetly. "May I ask you a question my Lord?" "Go ahead Carson " said his Lordship. "I am doing the crossword in The Times and I have found a word I am not too clear on" "What word is that?" said his...
  10. beyazbayan

    female humour

    'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given...
  11. Yalides

    Sense of humour bypasses

    Something to argue about. There really are a few on this forum suffering from a sense of humour bypass and take themselves far too seriously. Makes you wonder what their life has been like in the real world. :fear:
  12. mollag

    Orange humour.

    Strange faces in the lodge these days! :w00t:
  13. mollag

    Olympic Humour

    An antidote to the Lympic bickering going on elsewhere, a little humour to get it in perspective. Well done Danny Boyle. Nothing says "London" better than youths setting fire to stuff. I cannot describe how disappointed I am that the Congo weren't in single file in the Olympic Opening...
  14. jenifer

    Adult Humour?

    I got these post card copies from an old school friend in New Zealand and I thought I would share them with the TLF. If you find them non PC I am sorry but I find them funny. I apologise in advance for the 3 back to back posts. Ron
  15. jenifer

    British Humour

    If anyone is feeling down or unhappy for what ever reason. These may cheer you up a bit. British Humour Ron
  16. H

    Not suitable subject for humour?

    Should some subjects be avoided by comedians? Frankie Boyle: Down's syndrome jokes provoke victim's mother | Mail Online
  17. lara

    Sense of humour

    I think my sense of humour is really good, but sometimes lost on some people.....................see,lol. My favourite comedians are Peter Kay, Eddie Izzard, Frankie Boyle and of course, Billy Connely. I love humour thats observational but also near the knuckle. My best joke; What do you call...
  18. gerald

    Irish humour - Mrs Brown

    Short piece of Video taken from the play for the love of Mrs Brown which has now been commissioned by the BBC. Very funny for me, but may be a little strong for some so don't click without thinking. Lets hope it lives up to this promo: YouTube - For The Love Of Mrs. Brown Sample
  19. Neil_Denizli

    Racist Humour - it's an oxymoron

    Please don’t tell me I can’t take a joke. At the clean jokes thread, I was barely amused by the ‘white englishman’ joke, but when I got to “Muslims would be afraid to get on the planes for fear of seeing naked women. Hijackings would come to a screeching halt, and the airline industry would see...
  20. ceemac

    Airline Ground Crew Humour

    After every flight, Quantas pilots fill out a form, called a "gripe sheet," which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems, document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that...
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