1. Camden

    Gare de Lyon FIRE: Huge blaze erupts

    Huge blaze erupts at Paris train station - streets in panic TERRIFIED commuters have been seen racing from the iconic Gare de Lyon station in Paris as a huge fire engulfs the landmark.
  2. L

    Huge explosion Izmir

    No news of casualties as yet. Izmir explosion: Huge blast and gunfire outside courthouse in Turkish city | The Independent At least three injured. Gagging order on the media.
  3. Spurs

    Huge cock up

    Have to say it does look the part. BBC News - Berkhamsted 'penis' map mocked on Facebook
  4. ukizook

    Huge and Sinead

    For all those that know or have seen their band around Bodrum, the great news is that they have been selected to play in the finals for Ireland in Eurovision. The video for the song "Son Kez" was filmed in Gumusluk.
  5. Mary

    A huge thank you

    Hi all I have just come on to say a huge thank you to all my friends and others that have supported me by pms phone calls and the responses on here. I have suffered a breakdown and not able to say very much more but slowly I will get better. Have a great christmas one and all lots of love Mary...
  6. M

    Masallah Sayali in Kas huge problems, need new builder to fix problems

    I have had a big problem with a builder called Masallah Sayali in Kas. I now need to find a reliable builder to do repairs for me! any advice please:19:
  7. H

    Interesting story of a huge mix-up

    This article was copied from Todays Zaman and originally posted by John Laughland. Dalaman, 1906Le Directeur GénéralConstruction de Paris et la Société de développementJune 15, 1905 [Translation by JL] Dear Sir, I am writing in regard to our order of January 1905 (Your Ref: Dlm Lyc 3352...
  8. B

    Making a huge mistake???

    Hi am new to this firum my name is julie and i am trying to buy an apartment there been warned the company and man i am using is bad, hes has found me a bargain, but i am soo scared. Any inafo wud help as i am coming out on the 11 april. Also like to hear about white Tree estates...
  9. alison09400

    Huge Earthquake & Tsunami Hit Japan!

    A second tsunami is now hitting the country..I'm watching it on Video: Japan Earthquake: Tokyo Tsunami Fears After 8.9 Magnitude Quake Rocks Buildings In Capital | World News | Sky News
  10. tomc1984

    Huge delay at Bodrum airport

    Got back home after a delay of over 13 hours on flight from Bodrum to Newcastle. "Technical issues". Instead of flying at 01.00 hours on early Sunday, we took off at 14.30. They put us up in hotel in Milas overnight. Thomas Cook staff were fantastic and cannot be faulted, thank you, especially...
  11. Andy

    Police crack huge computer fraud

    Police crack huge computer fraud Civil Guard Jose Antonio Berocal, in charge of Cybercrime, at Madrid conferenceA virus-infected network of nearly 13 million computers around the world has been smashed by Spanish police. The "botnet" included PCs inside more than half of America's 1,000...
  12. D

    Huge bills

    Hi, Wonderıng ıf anyone can gıve me some ınput. Our recent electrıc bılls have been sky hıgh (657, 849, 1042 lıra) and ıf the onlıne readıng ıs rıght our next bıll ıs up to 1189already. We use the normal applıances and are a famıly of 4. We have a woodburner. The electrıc company have been...
  13. Andy

    Amazons Huge Discounts

    As seen in Martins Money Tips Amazon Buying Tricks: Find the web giant’s secret bargain basement...
  14. KKOB

    Huge Blaze in the Centre of Blackpool

    BBC NEWS - Blaze engulfs Blackpool town centre arcade
  15. Q

    A Huge Hi to ALL

    Hello everyone I'm Najma from Qatar . Iam 21 ys old and will turn 22 sooon I would like to know Turkish people Thanks Hope to enjoy with U all :)
  16. v6cod

    Huge rally for Turkish secularism

    From the BBC News Hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in Istanbul in support of secularism in Turkey, amid a row over a vote for the country's next president. The protesters are concerned that the ruling party's candidate for the post remains loyal to his Islamic roots. The...
  17. ceemac

    Huge Game....

    This should be worth keeping an eye on..... Greece, Turkey play for Group C lead in Euro 2008 qualifier The Associated Press Published: March 22, 2007 ATHENS, Greece: Greece hosts Turkey in a European Championship qualifier a day before celebrating 186 years of independence from the...
  18. A

    Huge differences in house prices

    Is there anyone who had bought a home from Kusadasi REALEST Properties, they have a villa for sale at €46000 while another real estate agent (who was recommended to me by buyers I could phone etc. and did) has the same villa for €65000 :animation -what is the tale here !!! and Happy Paddy's day...
  19. H

    Huge apology to Nazim

    I would like to say very sorry to all that has been offended, especially Nazım. Nazim I am very sorry. I am very embarrassed. You are a very good man. I have spoken to make staff and have personally banned them from forums. This will never happpen again! I Promise!
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