1. D

    Transferring deed over to hubby after divorce

    Hi Due to our divorcing ( both British ) my ex is buying me out of our apartment in Turkey, we have agreed on a price but we need to put it in his name only ...can anyone tell me how to do this and is it simple? Lol....not expecting it to be...nothing ever is!
  2. arrian

    My Hubby

    it's 3 months today since Harry passed away, and i've just been 'talking' to my family on F/B. my grandson was saying about going to the gym and doing 80kg weights, hoping to get back up to 120kgs. it reminded me (and my daughter remembered) of the time Harry lifted (and i do mean 'lifted') an...
  3. M

    mister t - looking for Heather and Hubby

    Hi,looking to get in touch with Heather and hubby who we met last year in Gumuskum/Tuzla.We met at Ian and Rans bar in Gumuskum at a gig i was doing then later went to their house.If you read this Heather,then brian and Ingrid will be over on 23rd May for one month.......Please get in touch so...
  4. arrian

    hubby 'died' 27th May 2004

    i've just realised todays' date, and the fact that 6 years ago to day is the day my husband 'died'! his bowel burst, he had peritonitiis, septicema, and we were told he had 5% chance of pulling through. well, 6 years on, today is his 'new' birthday. he has lots of other health probs, many caused...
  5. M

    Hi - I'm Janice & Hubby Brian

    Apt in Hunters Valley....Villa off Marina Road. Been with w.absolutleyaltinkum for 2 yrs or so. Found out about this site through 'voices' paper :eyeye:
  6. R

    Should Hubby Buy a Mobile in Turkey or take old one?

    Hello I have read postings on here but do not really understand them. My hubby has a mobile phone. It works in Spain and Uk. Will it work in Turkey?Or will he have to buy a sim card? Or will he have to buy a new mobile phone to use in Turkey? We are going property hunting(from the UK) and gave...
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