1. butt007

    HSBC Premier Savings limit

    Got an email from HSBC yesterday Friday. To stay as a premier customer the minimum amount you have in the account has been raised to 250,000liras starting from Jan 4th 2021. It was 150,00liras from January this year, when it went up 50,000liras, so it has gone up with a big jump. I suppose with...
  2. V

    Dask & home insurance renewal with HSBC

    My dask & home insurance is due for renewal next week. I have received 2 text messages which state that HSBC will contact me to renew. Does anyone know if they are actually getting around to contacting people in the UK during Covid or should I try to get in contact with my branch? I have...
  3. bickern

    HSBC to cut 35,000 jobs

    HSBC to cut 35,000 jobs and shed assets in major overhaul. The restructure is HSBC's third in a decade and its under-performing investment banking arm is expected to bear the brunt. Sky News City editor Mark Kleinman said this would be HSBC's third major restructure in 10 years and that the...
  4. B

    HSBC Leaving Turkey?

    HSBC considers exit from Greece and Turkey | Business |
  5. gally

    HSBC website?

    Hello Is anyone else in the UK at the moment having problems getting onto the HSBC Turkey website? It was down last weekend for maintenance and ever since I can't get the website to load. Just wondering if there's some sort of block from outside Turkey? Thanks for any info.
  6. S

    help logging into HSBC Turkey online

    Help please, How to log into HSBC account as it says GSM number and card number , dont have either, thanks, Sue
  7. S

    hsbc again

    helpplease, been trying to log in to hsbc account but going round in circles it used to be so easy but I cant find a way to do it, thanks in advance for any help,
  8. butt007

    HSBC Premier cust. increase

    Just been informed by email from HSBC bank, that if you are a Premier Customer. From January 2nd 2019 the minimum amount that you need to have in your accounts has been raised up to 150,000liras from what it was before 100,000liras. This seems to me a tremendous jump to stay as a Premier...
  9. mollag

    HSBC Ataturk

    If you are an HSBC Premier account, UK member and think you have the use of the HSBC lounge in the Ataturk airport, think again, it is only for Turkish account holders as we found out on Friday. :crying:
  10. L

    Hsbc Turkey online account

    Can anyone please tell me how to log into my account. The interface seems to have changed I have a secure key pad but I can’t find the log in on their site?
  11. S

    HSBC in Turkey

    Quick question but has anyone had a problem transferring money through SWIFT from HSBC Turkey to the UK? I tried yesterday but the new SWIFT numbers and IBAN in the UK make it impossible as on the SWIFT transfer online it only gives a drop down list to choose BIC number from and they are all...
  12. T

    Branch Manager HSBC Didim details

    Would anyone have a name, contact telephone number and email address of the Branch Manager of HSBC Didim please. Have lost his card and trying not to bother Jeffrey again. Many thanks.
  13. V

    Hsbc phone number

    Does anyone know the non premium rate phone number for HSBC. I need to phone them to get access to my internet banking again following their upgrades. I can only see a 0850 number, which I believe is premium rate & could cost a lot to phone from the UK
  14. Graham7

    Have to phone to et back online with HSBC what number for someone who speak English

    Have to phone to get back online with HSBC what number for someone who speak English Have to phone to get back online with HSBC what number for someone who speak English ?? Thanks.
  15. L

    Hsbc login changed

    I used to log into my HSBC account with my little reader now the screen has changed and I cant seem to find how to log in, does anyone know?
  16. Graham7

    New HSBC Current account card sent to UK

    Trying to get a HSBC Current account card sent to UK. HSBC did phone me and said they were having trouble sending cards to the UK. As any one else had this trouble ? How long do you think it will take them to sort out or how long should I give them, thank for any answers.
  17. S

    Hsbc bank - eid-al-fitr

    Very quick question - does anyone know when HSBC bank Bodrum open again after the holiday. Is it Monday or Tuesday?
  18. D

    HSBC Premier account.

    Deposit 100,000 TL, 16% interest, has anybody done this, what are the pros and cons. Any info much appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Graham7

    HSBC log in cannot get in

    After the update you have to but in your usname and password. Put these in but say wrong. Is any one else having trouble with this ?
  20. oldfogy

    HSBC TR Banking upgrade works April 20-22

    Just received from HSBC TR
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