1. N

    24 Hrs Supermarket

    Only 5 more sleeps till Turkey. We land late in the evening & are driving down to Hill View Apartments, does anyone know of a 24Hrs supermarket on the way from Bodrum Airport. Many Thanks.
  2. Higgy

    Sky TV 279 1930 hrs Thurs 08/02/07

    For those missing Turkey. 7.30pm Channel 279 Real Estate TV. Turkey the Next Big Thing. To feature Bodrum, Altinkum and Fethiye. As always it will be a repeat probably made a bit back, but sit back and enjoy. Higgy
  3. C

    24 hrs in Istanbul

    Online Independent By Adrian Mourby Scratch the surface of modern Constantinople and you'll find layer upon layer of history. Plus there's great food, bazaars, and hi-tech hotels to relish 08:00 Caviar, muffins and gunboats Enjoy Russian caviar and a glass of fizz for breakfast on the...
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