1. S

    Hows about that then!!!!

    Dear Jimmy could you fix it for me never to be left alone with you, Jill 9 1/2.............. BBC denies cover-up over claims Jimmy Savile targeted underage girls - UK, Local & National -
  2. K

    Hows the progress going

    Hi all. I have recently purchased an apartment on the hillside complex and was wondering what has changed since last time i was there in May. The day i left they had just switched on the waterfall feature at the pool above the management office and i was told that the resturaunt and the shop...
  3. D

    Hows the post in Akbuk

    Hi,can anyone there tell me how good the post is in Akbuk.The house we are buying has a proper address so does that mean we will get the post delivered to the house.If not then is a PO box the answer from the local post office?
  4. Lynda

    Hows about meeting up??

    As there seems to be more and more forum members down this neck of the woods maybe we can organise a meeting up? I am open to suggestions ( keep it nice pls) What do others think??
  5. Helenbodrum

    Hows the weather in Bodrum??

    Should I be packing hot water bottles and duvet? umbrella and mac? or just jumpers n jeans?? Will be there this time next week.....! :w00t: x
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