1. O

    howdy all

    i have looked in here for years and had lots of amusement so decided to join. i live in bradford uk but also calis nr fethiye. i am known for beeing argumentative at times but i dont mean it and my bark is a lot worse than my bite. i have used a few forums and members get to know me eventually...
  2. Fragile25


    Hi all. This is Ani. A Turkish native from Istanbul.I am a Turkish teacher. It has been ages since I last post to such a website. Memories went back to 2004 when I used to join all those nice expat events. best regards Ani
  3. muffinminx


    Hello to you all.. I have been visiting here a while but not sure if I have posted yet. I wonder if someone could kindly point me in the right direction for info regarding marriage and residence etc. Having lived all over Turkey in the past twelve years I have never taken up permanent...
  4. P


    I found out this forum by chance. I am a native,living in Istanbul. I love to read,movies,backgammon and meeting new people All the best
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