1. T

    Social Housing UK Under Tory Threat!

    The posh boys just can't help themselves, Barstewards! Busy promoting building 'Affordable Housing' with the bonus to those in that fortunate position with the added bonus of tax payers money being used to provide 'Help to Buy Schemes' on offer - What % of our youngsters can even dream of...
  2. M

    apt wanted in alanya

    hi all I am looking to rent an apt for min 6 months would prefer longer I am a mature lady from England and I work online as an English teacher. I have been in turkey now for 18 months and at the moment I am living in Izmir. If anyone can help I would be thankful I plan to move at the...
  3. Yalides

    Housing market in UK

    Seems to be a load of property on the market at the moment of all prices, shapes and sizes. Getting bored traipsing round our area house hunting.
  4. juco

    CAP housing benefit

    I thought it was the govt's intention to CAP housing benefit?....for the poor?
  5. N

    HOUSING NEEDED in Alanya

    Hello, As you notice, I'm very new here (to this site and this country). Anyone has a small appartment to rent (for 1 person), starting mid-December, for relatively long term? Please PM me, if you have or know of a place. Thank You!
  6. S

    Housing Benefits

    Housing benefits are to be cut for unemployed people under the age of 25 forcing some to move back with parents. Is this a good or bad thing bearing in mind how many have children!
  7. M

    Population and housing survey questionnaire

    I live in Altinkum and I got a knock on the door last night and was handed a large form to fill in with the above title. I asked the official what it was for she replied "The government" and said she would call back tonight for the completed form? Anyone else in the altinkum area received one?
  8. Yogi

    Social Housing partly to blame for UK riots

    Excuses, excuses..stop giving the low-lifes who participated in the riots a get out clause. I wouldn't particulaly want to live on one of these estates but if I did that doesn't give me a valid reason to run riot. --------------- The layout of post-war social housing estates encourages...
  9. J

    6 Month stay in Izmir, housing?

    Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone here could share some suggestions with me, As part of my education at the University in Holland i will be staying in Izmir for 6 months starting februari next year. That basically means i will need housing. Just a 1 or 2 room or appartment somewere...
  10. zozatky

    Bina Vergisi ( Housing Tax )

    This year when you go to pay the above you will find its gone up but thats life , But this year check your makbuze as it may have the following added to it cesitli vergiler (beyan ve @ ildirge ve) meaning other / various taxes. so if any one can get to the true meaning of these taxes please let...
  11. ceemac

    Housing Co-operatives

    Some info on buying in a Complex; 'Housing Cooperatives are legal entities established in line with Turkish Law No. 1163 and aim at providing their partners (or participants) with residential flats or houses. These entities are one of the most popular methods of acquiring a property among...
  12. bickern

    Housing bargains in İstanbul

    İstanbul continues to attract foreigners who want to wake up to views of the Bosporus and live in a city half as old as time and still enjoy world-class concerts and performances like the one to be held in February by the acclaimed cellist, Yo-Yo Ma. “Inside one square kilometer you can...
  13. immac

    Housing Crisis

    From ZAMAN: Turkey on the edge of housing crisis amid political turmoil The impact of the recent global financial crisis is becoming more visible in Turkey, and the situation is beginning to leave its mark on the housing sector. Speaking to the Anatolia news agency Turkish Contractors...
  14. G

    Council Housing preference to Kurds

    [Moved from Thread "New Resort"] So far I've only explored Winchester's Council Housing policy. Here is a summary of thier points system. http://www.winchester.gov.uk/Housing/ApplyingforHousing/AllocationPoints/ I will leave Southampton untill tomorrow.
  15. F

    Housing Co-operatives

    Hi there, I'm in the process of buying a duplex on a housing co-operative scheme. It's been run by the Aydinlar Residential Cooperative in Akbuk-Didim. Have you got any information on the scheme - ie the name of builders etc. Also if you have an general information on how housing schemes...
  16. G

    Damp course in housing?

    do they put damp proof courses in new buildings [?].........if not WHY[:0]
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