1. Tenpin

    News Average house price exceeds 1 mln Turkish Liras

    Average house price exceeds 1 mln Turkish Liras Extract: In the face of rising construction costs and strong demand, house prices in Turkey have increased by 147 percent in April from a year ago. Average...
  2. S

    House Hunting

    Hi All, Newby looking to buy a house in Bodrum area (Gumusluk preferred option at present)... Any tips on good agents or ones to avoid..? Any houses for sale privately.? Please be in touch.. Steve
  3. IbrahimAbi

    UK house Insurance

    The ınsurance company that we have been usinf for several of our buy to let houses have a 'UK resident' clause. As we live full time in Turkey this may be an issue. they have paid out previously but I am getting nervous. Does anyone living overseas have a UK house insurance (buildings, not...
  4. bickern

    House of Lords to be binned

    BORIS JOHNSON is exploring plans to scrap the House of Lords and replace it with a second chamber to give a bigger say in Westminster to the north of England. Senior Conservatives claim ministers are looking at the plans to make it largely elected and to give a voice to the “nations and...

    Exchange Loss on House Sale

    A friend from home has just had an offer of several million TL for his house in Bodrum. Unfortunately due to illness he will not be able to come out for 3 weeks ,and he is very concerned that he could lose a considerable amount in exchange losses before he can get out here to close the deal...
  6. MiddleEarth

    Restored Old Stone Village House near Kaş

    Restored Old Stone Village House near Kaş on the Mediterranean Coast. Renovation of an old village house, completely rewired/plumbed. Çukurbağ village is 15 minutes by road from the centre of Kaş and the coast. The house sits at 600 meters elevation and is cool enough in the summer that klima...
  7. gam101

    My turn: importing house stuff to Turkey :-)

    Ola folks! I guess the title says it all :love: Our time to plan for moving our household things to Turkey. I've read the Sticky "Importing Household Goods From Abroad" & realized that it is not a simple process (like juggling for example :juggle:), but not impossible either. And yes, I did...
  8. E

    House sale in a divorce .

    Advice needed . I have a friend who is in the middle of a divorce been going on 5 years , Turkish Husband . She has just been informed her house has to be sold that has come from Ankara it is being sold as an investment . She thinking she will buy the hubby out ,but hubby wants to buy her out ...
  9. F

    How much does it cost to build a house?

    Hi Everyone, New here :) I have just bought a small piece of land (about 700 m2) in Zeytinada, Gazipasa. I've been looking to buy in Turkey for a few years and managed to purchase a piece of land with a very modest amount of money. I'm hoping to have a little holiday getaway and eventually...
  10. P

    Mary's House Bus

    Lost telephone number for private run coach from Kusadasi to Mary;s House,organised by Irish Lady ?
  11. BjornAndMahnaz

    Warranty for the house

    Hi When does the warranty for the house start, is it when you get the keys (even if they are still working on some parts of the house), or is it when you get the tapu?
  12. S

    Ireland House Prices

    Every now and then I cast my eyes southward longingly looking at houses in the 26 Jesus wept the prices are staggering with parts of Dublin now dearer than posh areas of London Some day....some day
  13. suecheshireuk

    Uzumlu house prices.

    Well, after going house hunting in and around Uzumlu, we were surprised to find there wasn't alot in our price range. the agents say there has been a price increase in the area due to demand out stripping supply, which is good to hear for owners. We also discovered Seydikemer, which we really...
  14. D

    House prices? Historical & current trends

    Hi Has anybody come across any figures/graphs for prices over the last 5 years say? Also interested in current 'average prices' Yes I know 'prices' are very subjective but I'll give +-10% either way lol ;-) Thanks in advance!
  15. S

    House sale tips

    So I am getting into dealing with viewers on my quest to sell my house I read online that the smell of fresh baked bread can seriously be advantageous to get a viewer to transform into a buyer. ( also read viewers make their mind up subconsciously within 3 mins of arrival!!!) Now as I am...
  16. S

    Free Summer house with a dog.

    When the schools finish at the end of June we pan to go away for about 2 months. We have a village house with a garden in Selçuk town. I have a fluffy terrier dog too. The idea is that you get the house for free and in return look after the grass and the dog while I am away. Perfect for...
  17. Yildez Datca

    Want a house in Datca?

    My neighbour told me today that he is selling his house - I'm really sad as he and his wife are truly excellent neighbours. It's very difficult to find a house, rather than an apartment in the central area of Datca, as it's not economic for the builders. This is a semi-detached, 3 bed, 3 bath...
  18. Phil Johns

    Bulgarian house sale

    We present this property owned by us 40KM from the TR BG border the price is 15000 euros The house is two storey and currently configured as a two bedroomed property with a large yard and garden of around 1,500 square meters. The property is off the center of the village and access is via a...
  19. S

    House for sale

    Just came to me in a blinding flash! In order to facilitate her move to Spain Sue has advertised her house on here Yes mine's not a drop dead gorgeous luxury abode in an idyllic location but ya never know.... House for sale West Belfast-as seen on tv regularly in local news bulletins during...
  20. B

    House selling experience.

    I know there are some disaster stories regarding selling houses in Turkey, but I wish to tell you of my experience. I sold my property last week and it was an absolute dream. I asked an Emlak to value my house but decided to put the word out myself. Within two days I received an offer, a...
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