1. Freedom 49

    PTT hours for Kurban.

    This Friday 31st July starts the 4 day Kurban Bayram celebrations. Just a reminder to say that the Post Offices and all Banks will be closed from midday on the Thursday and reopen Tuesday 4th August. Enjoy your mangals!!
  2. M

    Electricity off-peak hours

    Is there any off-peak hours (hours when electricity price is lower) for electricity in Turkey? For example, in Canada it's cheaper to run the washing machine / dishwasher between 7:00 pm to 8:00 am and on weekends.
  3. J

    Bank opening hours

    Good evening, can anyone tell me when the banks reopen after Eid/holiday please. Thanks in advance - Jenny
  4. Camden

    Istanbul Izmir in 3.5 hours

    The new section of motorway to be opened on Sunday between Izmir and Istanbul supposedly cuts the time between the two, from 8.5 hours to only 3.5 It will certainly be a boon for Istanbulites with holiday homes on the coast in cheaper fuel consumption and time taken to get there . A good...
  5. oldfogy

    Clearing bank hours

    With regards to transferring money from the HSBC bank UK to HSBC Turkey Does anyone know what hours the clearing banks work or am I just being impatient it's now the 4th day inc sat and Sunday. The last I Made didn't seem to take as long or would the amount of money make a difference to the...
  6. P

    opening hours kipa & metro

    hi does anyone know what is the opeinh hours for kipa and metro on sunday
  7. suzyq

    ISIS threaten to kill 2 Japanese hostages in 72 hours

    ISIS threatens to kill 2 Japanese hostages unless they receive $200m | Daily Mail Online
  8. bickern

    Still Open All Hours

    I was a bit disappointed in this when the special was aired earlier, but I will give it another go I think. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Boxing Day Entertainment. New series. Last year's one-off special revisited Granville 28 years on, and found that he'd...
  9. Spurs

    Zero Hours

    So they are starting to wake up to the damage that these zero hours contracts are doing? Sports Direct are not even the tip of the iceberg. Its a step back to the good old days but without even the good. BBC News - Miliband attacks Sports Direct over zero-hours contracts
  10. Jaycey

    London to Sydney in 4 hours!

    They're playing with our minds again ... and they're on a sure-fire winner. Aeronautical designers last week again unleashed their trusty headline-grabber about the imminence of a "Son of Concorde". London to Sydney in four hours, they were saying, in the run-up to next month's Farnborough air...
  11. Kalkan regular

    Pool opening hours

    For those of you that live on, have an apartment on or are visiting a complex what are the opening hours of the swimming pool? We are currently debating this on our development so would welcome your views.
  12. S

    Shop opening hours

    Will the Tlf shop be open different hours around Xmas and is there festive stock available?
  13. bickern

    Open All Hours is back

    He always told G-G-G-G-Granville the corner shop would be his one day. And when – after almost 30 years – Open All Hours returns to our screens, viewers will see that stammering Albert Arkwright was true to his word. In plans for a Christmas special revealed yesterday, Sir David Jason will...
  14. arrian

    48 hours and

    i'll be in sunny Marbella! haven't been away now for 3 or 4 years and I'm like a cat on hot bricks. everything is packed, no last minute things to do, and I don't know what to do with myself! not sure whether i'm excited or nervous!!! but I am looking forward to the holiday. so you won't see me...
  15. S

    post clubbing good fresh food, not burgers and chips - open nearly 24 hours daily

    Flash Restaurant, Guller Pinari Mah. Hacet Cad. Akay Apt. No. 32/A, Alanya 07400 It's about 5mins walk from the park where the cruise boats are moored. Open pretty much 24 hours. You can have succulent lamb chops for breakfast if you wanted to. It's a caff, not a white-table cloth restaurant...
  16. O

    Caravan Hours at Yalikavak Pazar for Thursday, July 26

    Someone will be at the Caravan tomorrow from 10 am until approx. 3 pm. Thanks
  17. newhorizon

    24 hours

    What a difference 24 hours can make.. Sorry, I haven't been around much the last month. Back in June I received a phone call..you know one of those phone calls you dread to receive..informing me a family member who only left U.K 2 days ago has been admitted to hospital in India and they would...
  18. S

    opening hours

    Please can you tell me what times the bars with music are allowed to open till during the summer period.Last year we where still in the bars untill 3am, I HOPE THAT THE CAFES AND BARS ARE STILL ALLOWED TO STAY OPEN AS THIS IS A MAJOR PART OF US RETURNING TO ALTINKUM,We are over for the...
  19. beyazbayan

    Why change to shop opening hours in Alanya

    Does anyone know why the small shops in Alanya have been told they must close at 1.00 am as from this week?
  20. H

    Didim council offices opening hours

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me the Didim Council Offices opening hours, please. Many thanks. Hilary
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