1. IbrahimAbi

    Family Hour

    I have deliberately put this on the Health Forum, as, to my mind, it relates to the health of the family. One of the leading Turkish conglomerates, Koç Holding’s subsidiary, KoçSistem; which offers digitalization solutions to Turkey’s leading brands, has launched a social responsibility...
  2. bickern

    Remember the clocks alter one hour

    This weekend the clocks alter in UK. In the UK the clocks go forward one hour at 1.00 am on Sunday, March 31, 2019 I will be glad because 3 hours meant the watershed was midnight if watching TV, but more importantly chatting to my daughter or whomever will be easier; 2 hours not too bad but...
  3. ZiaCa'

    Help Needed at Kitty House - Can you spare an hour or two?

    Would anyone like to help out at the Kitty House (based at the Animal Shelter) for 1-2 hrs per week? It is kitten season so the Kitty House is so much busier than usual. The plan is to get these kitties neutered and then out to a feeding station. We have to hold onto them for a couple of months...
  4. Spurs

    £2 per hour.

    It just goes to show how some peoples minds work, how could anyone possibly think of this let alone actually say it? BBC News - Ed Miliband questions Lord Freud future over disabled work claims I suppose now the clamp on cheap migrant labour is being tightened, the way round it would be...
  5. Tommie

    Monarch 20 hour sale

    Just received email from Monarch that they have a 24 hour sale, which started mid-day today, and flights to Bodrum are from £49.99 I have not read the small print! Excuse typos. Rush to put out before 20 (or 24) hours expired.
  6. bickern

    Remember clocks go back one hour

    Remember clocks go back one hour this Sunday morning. Oh dear it will get dark quicker.
  7. kemerkid

    Happy Hour.

    In between showers today (1st November) I have managed to get quite a bit of work done on my dog compound project. The rain set in for real at about 2pm so I retired to the garage to assemble one of the door frames. The solar heating system had produced an abundance of hot water so I had a...
  8. S

    Hour Change In Turkey

    Does anyone know if the hour changes at the end of October in Turkey as it does in the UK? There was some talk a couple of years ago of doing away with the change. I'm coming out to Turkey in a couple of weeks time and was wondering if I will need to be aware of any change.
  9. S

    24 hour

    Hi arriving in on tues am is there any grocery stores open late? should be arriving in bodrum/yalikavak around 2.30 am. cant wait to get back to alex hills:angel:
  10. C

    Turkcell 9tl for 1 hour to uk

    Hi Does anyone know the number to text to turkcell to get one hours worth of calls to UK to be used by either 1 week or 1 month? A friend of mine said someone she met had told her about it and entered the code for her, but unfortunately the friend does not live nearby to ask. Thanks in advance...
  11. skydog

    Rush hour

    In Sarigerme.....
  12. teosgirl

    WWF earth hour 26th March

    Just recieved this announcement by the WWF. On March 26, 2011, join the global community in turning off your lights at 8:30 pm for Earth Hour, a worldwide initiative to show our commitment to saving our living planet. Charlotte
  13. val2661

    7 hour delay with thomas cook

    Yesterday, I was booked to fly out from Gatwick to Antalya with Thomas Cook at 14.40. Just before 14.40, after showing no information at all on the boards, we were informed that this flight was delayed until 17.00. This new flight time came and went with no further information on the boards...
  14. arrian

    £9 per hour, but no one wants a job

    having worked in retail for 30 years, £9 an hour is a really good wage. most shop workers are on the minimum wage of £5 +. i wished i'd lived there. Closing after 48 years, the shop that can't find any staff | Mail Online
  15. D

    Yalıkavak Animal Welfare - Happy Hour at Cafe Asiago

    After the success of the event this February, Mustafa at Café Asiago in Yalıkavak has kindly agreed to host another "Happy Hour" evening to help raise awareness of Animal Welfare in Yalıkavak. Date: Sunday, 18th April 2010 Time: from 6pm Location: Cafe Asiago, Yalıkavak (opposite the Belediye...
  16. ceemac

    Lights Go Out Around The World For Earth Hour

    Lights are going out all over the world today, as millions shut down for "Earth Hour", an event in its fourth year which aims to highlight the threat of climate change. Here Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge will be one of the global landmarks going dark Saturday between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. as part...
  17. suzyq

    Clocks will go back 1 hour on Sunday 25 Ocotober

    Just a reminder that clocks will go back 1 hour tomorrow morning
  18. P

    XL- Secret 2 hour sale tomorrow!

    Any use to anyone?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Save an extra £25 off selected summer flights during our timed Secret Sale! Between the hours of 1pm and 3pm (GMT), tomorrow, Wednesday, August 6th, take an additional £25 off selected return flights...
  19. shirleyanntr

    2 hour strike on Friday

    Turkish unions set to launch 2 hours strike on Friday The Labor Platform of Turkey will suspend work for two hours on Friday to protest the social security and general health insurance bill. The protest is expected to stop transportation, street cleaning, education and health services from 10...
  20. Andy

    Earth Hour Tomorrow 7-30pm

    Thought this was a great idea for everyone to do their little bit tomorrow, it is mainly aimed at Australians and was posted on our sister site Egypt Living Forum by Nefertari. Earth Hour March 31st 2007. Earth Hour is a fabulous opportunity for you and your family to do something about...
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