1. B

    Tourist hot-spots.

    BBC News - What is the world's favourite holiday destination? Turkey does well in the number of visitors, but the tourists don't spend much. What's the reason for that? Bill.
  2. J

    Laptop Wıreless Hotspots, Turgutreıs

    Hı Folks Does anyone know of a wıreless hotspot ın or around Turgutreıs, please? Just want to turn up wıth the laptop and get onlıne!! Thanks, Jo :)
  3. gipsybabe

    Wifi hotspots in Gumusluk/Turgetries/Bodrum

    Hi I have search but can only seem to find info about other areas. Does anyone know of any hotspots in the area, as my partner George will be tearing his hair out this time next week if he can't 'log-on'. Thank you. Siobhann
  4. peter the postie

    Wifi hotspots

    Might be useful for those in kusadasi
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