1. L

    Antayla hotels or b@b

    I like many others are planning our summer holiday. We,ve had our villa in Dikili for 12years now and still love it. This year I want to visit antayla for a week before travelling up to Dikili. Can anyone recommend a b@b or hotel close the beach please. Cheers in advance
  2. Camden

    Churches and Hotels bombed Siri Lanka

    A horrible start to Easter Sunday .... up dated 156 Dead 506 injured... 35 foreigners as hotels and churches bombed
  3. A

    Cost for Side hotels long-term in the winter months ...

    I had a phone call last night from my friend Paul Cox in Margate, England. He wants to come to Side for 3 months over the winter ... all of December, January and February ... returning to the UK around 1st March. He came a couple of years ago and did the same thing but rented an apartment at...
  4. keny

    hotels in Ortaca

    Can anybody help? I am considering coming to Ortaca in October to an all inclusive hotel. Sahara Su Hotel Village and Spa. 5th Oct to 20 Oct. Weather ???? Does anyone have an opinion or are there better hotels. I will also need a transfer from Dalaman airport. Thank you if you can help. Keny.
  5. A

    Hotels in Antalya. Personal experience and your advice.

    This month not long ago I came from a very spectacular trip around Antalya. I was impressed by the beauty of this region. Most of people think that Antalya it is just another place to lay on the beach and that's all. Those who think this way are definitely mistaken. Antalya is also a perfect...
  6. P

    belek hotels

    hi,can anyone tell me how far the zeynep golf resort is from the crystal parasio verde? i have to travel between the 2, can i get a taxi or a dolmus?thanks
  7. A

    hotels in gumusluk

    hi is there any hotels in gumusluk or bed and breakfast places looking for a couple of days stay in oct
  8. newhorizon

    Top end Turkey hotels and luxury holidays!

    Like a gulet bobbing in a tranquil harbour, Turkey is moored to dry land at both ends. Europe is at its prow and the Middle East at its stern; but most of the country’s long gunwales – its 4,970 miles of coast – are lapped by the waters of three warm seas. So it is no surprise that the Turkish...
  9. K

    Hotels in Yalikavak

    Hi, could any of you give me a few reccommendations for Hotels in Yalikavak. We want to overlap a few days in July with family. Would just like it to be clean and comfortable. Thank you Kizzy
  10. janA

    Hotels near Izmir airport

    We have a late flight into Izmir airport early next year and if the weather is bad we may decide to stay overnight instead of traveling straight back to Gokova. Can anyone recommend a good reasonable priced hotel near the airport. (does'nt have to be right on the airport though). As long as its...
  11. M

    Any pet friendly hotels in Içmeler ?

    Does anyone know of any hotels that will accommodate dogs too ?? Just thinking ahead to next summer and I dont really want to put my dog in boarding kennels - saying that though are there any boarding kennels near there also ? Might be an idea to keep her closer rather then in kennels near to...
  12. S

    Pets to UK any suggested routes and hotels

    Hi Wondering if anybody could help wanted to take 2 dogs 1 cat back to the UK. Will be driving back as I am also taking some personal stuff with me. Can anybody suggest the best route back (heard Serbia is not too good for traveling) and if anyone knows of any hotel or places that we can...
  13. bal canavar

    Erdogan bodrum demolition order

    After Erdogan's visit to the Bodrum Peninsula it's been announced that 17 luxury hotels in Yaikavak , Torba, Guverncinlik ,Kaynar and Golturkbuku have been issued with demolition warrants and quit notices to get out. And in a Mugabe moment, Erdogan has been quoted as saying "THE BAYS WILL...
  14. S

    Hotels in dalyan

    I'm a frequent visitor to turkey but this is my first visit to Dalyan. Can anyone recommend a hotel for a week in sept? Looked at bc spa and dalaman resort. Would like a hotel that is friendly, quiet ie no pool music but of a good standard. Thank you.
  15. MrSimit

    Hotels in Guzelbahce

    Does anyone know of any hotels in Guzelbahce they would be happy to recommend? I need temporary accommodation (4-6 weeks) for my family (3 of us) whilst waiting for our belongings to be shipped over. I've searched online but the only place coming up is the Oba Hotel and it looks too much like...
  16. E

    hotels with pools open to the public in Altinkum

    hi from north yorkshire , me and my girlfriend are visiting altinkum in june ,we were wondering if any of the hotels with large pools ,slides ect are open to the public ,we are staying at the mutlu , realy looking forward to our first holliday together :24:
  17. Mag

    Kos Hotels.

    Thinking of taking the ferry across to Kos and spending a few days there in July. Any recommendations for a nice hotel on the island? Bearing in mind we will have 2 teenagers with us, so maybe somewhere with a bit of entertainment at night. Thanks!!
  18. newhorizon

    Airport Hotels Izmir

    Due to blunder on booking a THY flight that arrives in Izmir at 02.35hrs I need a hotel near to the airport till I wait for friends who arrive 24 hours later at 02.35hrs. Does anyone know any hotels near the airport who would allow early check-in eg 3.00am and late check out eg midnight? I only...
  19. D

    Istanbul hotels

    Has anybody any info or charges for decent hotels in the tourist area of Istanbul
  20. RachelAlicia93

    Cheap hotels in Dalyan

    I'm going to Dalyan on Monday and me and the other half need a hotel to stay in. We are on a budget and anything for under £200 for a week would be ideal. Just basically want a basic double room as we will be out looking around most if the time. So if anyone knows anything please let me know...
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