1. G


    Hi All, We have recently returned from Turkey, where we discovered that we have lost all Hotbird channels/satalite. Does anybody have any idea what is going on with this? Many thanks.
  2. gally

    Hotbird channels

    Hi, can anyone tell me what english channels are available on hotbird? I've been told I can get quite a few but not sure what they are. I'm in the Side region. Many thanks for any info. :roundgrin
  3. djmagic

    hotbird help

    i have been advised !!! to get hotbird sat and a fta box. what channels can i expect . we have no internet connection. many thanks in advance
  4. J

    Problems with Hotbird

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone has had any problems with Hotbird today? I can't seem to get any of the channels to work. Hope it's just a weather type glitch. Can anyone shed any light? Cheers.
  5. willip

    Sky, Freeview, Hotbird etc.

    just looking at this offer of a satellite signal finder for £14.99 at Argos details below, does anybody know whether this would work in Turkey? could you find all the freeview channels on your box instead of having to take the box back to be chipped. thanks for any help. Pat Details...
  6. Graham7

    Hotbird not working

    Hotbird not working no signal and no channels. Couple off people say that they cannot get it know. I am in Akbuk just want too see if anyone else has lost it. Thanks for any help.
  7. B


    Has anybody had any experience of hot bird satellite, I have been offered one and want to know if it is worth having or not
  8. angiesco

    Hotbird has gone off

    Things where fine this morning, little one watching baby tv -she leaves the rooms, so I took the opportunity to have a look at the news on atv. Changed back to baby tv and it wouldn't come on! None of the hotbird channels are working-just like that. Any ideas?
  9. angiesco

    Hotbird Frequencies

    Having had some great help on another thread, here I am again looking for more :help: My hotbird seems to have gone weird on me. I have googled without much success. Does anyone have any recommendations of a good site that gives up-to-date information on changed frequencies? If you do, then...
  10. T


    Hi I am back in Gumbet in March and can anyone tell me if BBC Prime is back on Hotbird. Many thanks in advance Terry
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