1. Mushtaq

    Turkish prosecutor held hostage by armed militants over protest death

    Suspected communist militants have taken a chief prosecutor hostage inside an Istanbul court during an investigation into the death of a teenage boy following anti-government protests. Men believed to be members of the banned Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) posted...
  2. teosgirl

    Hostage to be disciplined

    Turkish soldier kidnapped by ISIL faces disciplinary action for ?harming reputation of state, army? - LOCAL A former IS hostage is to be disciplined by the government, for making the army look incompetent. This is possibly the most ridiculous thing I've read in the past couple of months...
  3. T

    British hostage John Cantlie has told his family to ‘let him go’ just days after appe

    This is so sad The photojournalist also told his loved ones they needed to ‘get on with their lives’ while adding that he hoped his fiancé had ‘forgotten’ him. He writes: "Thank you so much for your tireless efforts. But let it go. Leave it be and get on with your lives, all of you.” ISIS...
  4. B

    US hostage confirmed dead.

    Obama confirms death of US hostage held by ISIL - Al Jazeera English The question remains. Did this woman die in a Jordanian air-strike, or was she murdered by her captors? Bill.
  5. bal canavar

    Hostage Escapes

    Good on Lorenzo Vinciguerra for hitting back at these extremists . Swiss photographer held hostage by Islamist extremists for two years escapes by grabbing machete and cutting captor's throat in dramatic break for freedom. A Swiss wildlife photographer who was held hostage by Islamic...
  6. bal canavar

    Father of IS Hostage Dies

    Paul Cantlie father of the hostage held by IS has died. He died with the fate of his son unknown and without knowing if his appeal message was even relayed to his son John . Mr Cantlie will be rembered for his moving plea from his hospital bed after throat surgery , calling for the release...
  7. S

    Hostage for 12600 days

    Add this to people imprisoned for years on end without even being told why never mind charged or a trial in Guantanamo and we see its not just NK with dubious a la carte attitudes to justice Home of the Free indeed...
  8. B

    Hostage Rescue.

    SAS launched rescue mission for British aid worker after warning she could be dead in 24 hours - Telegraph
  9. B

    Hostage Released

    Hostage Judith Tebbutt released: Live - Telegraph The British hostage Judith Tebbutt was released after her family raised $1million ransom. I have never agreed with paying these thugs ransom money, but I accept that I might have a different point of view if it was one of my family who...
  10. G

    Looks like US Killed Taliban hostage

    Ultimate blame must be with the Taliban, but this makes it worse somehow. William Hague defends decision to try to rescue Linda Norgrove | World news |
  11. KKOB

    Hostage Negotiations, Chinese Style

  12. merlin

    Marmaris Hotel Holds Russian Students Hostage....

    A group of 118 Russian students couldn’t leave The all inclusive Icmeler Panorama Park Hotel for six hours Wednesday. They were detained by the hotel’s management and told to pay $59,000 for unpaid accomodation. The students were to leave the four-star Panorama Park, wednesday morning. In the...
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