1. Leo

    Ten countries host half of world's refugees

    Ten countries host half of world's refugees: report - News from Al Jazeera Makes interesting reading. Turkey 2nd on the list and I note the disgraceful data for GB rather puts to bed some of the racist twaddle I read on here sometimes. Yes, I know - call me a treehuggers blah, blah
  2. g4ryj

    Host families needed, Bodrum area.

    Are there any native English speakers living on the Bodrum Peninsula, that would be interested in hosting Turkish university students / young adults? If you are interested, please contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss further.
  3. Carolyn

    Turkey to host first world humanitarian summit

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced on Thursday that Turkey will be the host of the first-ever World Humanitarian summit to be held in 2016. Sabah English
  4. T

    Need host family " English speakers "

    Hi there .. :28: i ve' 2 weeks " hollydays".. i want to spend those day with English speakers in Turkey to improve my English, and to write some articles.. i think there are a lot of English family in Fethiye , if any one Know : * any family can help me.. * any website can help me .. *...
  5. Yogi

    Fifa chooses Turkey to host U-20 World Cup in 2013

    Fifa, world football’s governing body, has chosen Turkey to host U-20 World Cup in 2013. Fifa awarded hosting rights to Turkey at a meeting in Zurich. Turkey was competing with Uzbekistan and United Arab Emirates. Officials of Turkish Football Federation said that the one-month football...
  6. juco

    where can I host an exe file?

    I need to host an exe file (excel spreadsheet) for people to download. Where can this be hosted?
  7. M

    host famılıes needed

    as you may know ı am takıng turkısh lessons at the Didem Academy and ı am doıng really well. my teacher ıs great and ıt ıs great fun. also at the moment ı have a student from ıstanbul lıvıng wıth me. he comes to the school for 3 hours a day and ı help hım wıth hıs speakıng practıce and homework...
  8. ceemac

    Churches in Turkey host Easter ceremonies

    Christians around Turkey celebrate Holy Thursday in various churches. A list of Easter ceremonies is here. C
  9. ceemac

    Trabzon eager to host first-ever rugby game

    The people in the Black Sea province of Trabzon are excited for a rugby match on Saturday – despite few in the area knowing what the sport is. Here C
  10. peter the postie

    Turkey set to host Disney

    Seems Turkey will have the next Disneyland. Seems a strange choice of location to me though :crazy: Hollywood Theme Park for Ankara Paramount Pictures have selected a three million square-metre site in the Turkish Capital upon which to establish Turkey’s first high-profile Theme Park...
  11. C

    İzmir strong contender to host Expo 2015

    TDN International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE) General Secretary Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales said İzmir had everything necessary to host Expo 2015, noting that the city was a strong contender among the candidates. BIE is responsible for hosting the event. Loscertales said it was wise of Turkey...
  12. merlin

    Football: Turkey eliminated from vote to host 2012 European Championship.... Greece and Turkey were eliminated from the running to host the 2012 European Championship earlier today. UEFA's executive committee selected Italy plus joint bids by Croatia and Hungary, and Poland and Ukraine to enter the final vote on Dec. 8, 2006 in Nyon, Switzerland. Italy...
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