1. A

    Cost of Private Hospital?

    Hello everyone, Sorry for the long post but I have several questions. I don’t know much about how stuff works in Turkey, only been there a handful of times, so hoping to get some clarification from other sources. My girlfriend who lives in Turkey was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer...
  2. K

    Surgery at Istanbul hospitals

    Hi, I want to ask you please if anyone had gastric sleeve surgery or other surgery at Erdem Hospital or any other Istanbul hospitals? I will be most grateful if you can share any information or advices Thank you
  3. A89

    Hospitals in Dalyan/Muğla

    Can anyone give any information about which hospitals in these areas have good services for foreigners and which have good reputations please? Can anyone share any opinions and/or experiences? I have a friend over there needing to visit an Endocrinologist. She doesnt speak Turkish and is worried...
  4. Tenpin

    E-signature becomes mandatory at hospitals in Turkey

    Comes into force October 1. E-signature becomes mandatory at hospitals in Turkey - HEALTH
  5. J

    What are your opinions about these two hospitals?

    Hello everyone, I am planning to have a surgery in Turkey and a I have received a lot of offers from many hospitals. After fully study and compare between all those offers, I have finally reached to decision make step to choose between two hospitals: 1- Estethica Atasehir ( in Istanbul) 2-...
  6. suzyq

    Gov’t blocks access of 21 private hospitals to social security

    Unfortunately the article only names 1 hospital. If you are going to use private hospitals it would be wise to ensure they accept SGK even if you have used them before. The Social Security Institution (SGK) has unilaterally canceled its contracts with 21 privately run hospitals without citing...
  7. T

    hospitals under threat of closure

    Without any vote or consultation the UK Government are talking about passing a law so they can close hospitals. Of course the land the hospitals are on is a very valuable asset paid for out of public funds. :27:
  8. A

    The status of University Hospitals

    On Monday night I watched the France 24 debate, on Turkey.Something was said, as almost an aside, by one of the guest speakers. She mentioned that there is or will be a law changing the status of University Hospitals to private hospitals. Has anyone heard of this? I thought that there was a...
  9. B

    Maternity hospitals in Ankara

    Has anyone on here got experience of maternity hospitals in Ankara? Recommendations warmly welcomed. Also interested if anyone has experience of giving birth in Turkey. Thanks in advance x
  10. suzyq

    SGK approves regulation allowing private hospitals to charge 200 pct in extra fees

    The Social Security Institution (SGK) has approved a regulation that will increase the percentage of extra fees charged by private health institutions from 90 to 200 percent. The regulation, which was prepared at the beginning of October by health officials, was passed by the SGK on Tuesday...
  11. Carolyn

    What is it about Turks and hospitals?

    I noticed from FB this morning that our friend Fatma's dad was in hospital. How did I know? Because I saw the photo of the old boy tucked up in a hospital bed with his son in law posing at his side whilst his teenage grandson carefully placed a kiss on the old man's head. The diagnosis - high...
  12. I

    Bodrum Hospitals

    My family and i will be moving to Bodrum from Izmir this year and i wondered if anyone has recommendations regards hospitals. We have SSK and use both state and private hospitals here. State for more serious things, taking into account we have 2 very big university hospitals... and private for...
  13. dalamanjane

    hospitals in Izmir

    Has anyone experienced the Kent hospital Izmir?? Or can anyone recommend a private hospital in izmir (neurology dept for carpal tunnel surgery) Thanks;
  14. suzyq

    NHS spends £23m a year on translators: Costs rise as hospitals cater for 120 language

    The NHS spends £64,000 a day on translation services, a report reveals today. The cost to the taxpayer has risen by 17 per cent since 2007, with more than £23million spent last year. Experts said huge sums could be saved if hospitals and GP surgeries pooled resources – and warned that...
  15. alison09400

    No extra charges for SGK patients at Private Hospitals

    Listening to the news last night, it seems that for 2012, those with SGK will not have to pay any extra payments at private hospitals for certain treatment...9 in fact. These are Accident & Emergency Intensive Care Treatment for burns Treatment for cancer Treatment for newborns Organ/stem...
  16. perfect1949

    how safe are our hospitals

    very disturbing news .dave Number of patients picking up life-threatening infections has doubled in just two years | Mail Online
  17. A

    Hospitals in turkey

    Does any one no how much it would cost to have an x ray of my arm done, the last time i had an x ray and was put on a drip it cost me a fortune!! ( 300tl) we to me is a disgrace. Any info would be a help
  18. V

    Hospitals in Side

    Has anybody had experience of the hospitals in the Side area, the opthalmology dept in particular? Any information re: consultants and standards of care much appreciated, please feel free to pm me..... Thanks Jacqui
  19. teosgirl

    reduced service in hospitals as health workers protest

    Turkish health employees to stop work for two days in labor action - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review I'm not sure if who this strike will effect, but obviously something is seriously wrong with the system if 30,000 people in Ankara protested. I wonder if it will be a widespread strike...
  20. icebern09

    Hospitals around Altinkum - Just in case......

    As I am still trying very hard to get over to Turkey real soon I have had to start thinking about what to do ,or rather where to go if I do become ill with the Cancer whilst I am away. I appreciate that I will have to foot the bills but where would my first port of call be ? We will be in in...
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