1. A

    Cost of Private Hospital?

    Hello everyone, Sorry for the long post but I have several questions. I don’t know much about how stuff works in Turkey, only been there a handful of times, so hoping to get some clarification from other sources. My girlfriend who lives in Turkey was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer...
  2. C

    new hospital

    I just wondered if it was true that they are going to build a hospital in beldibi marmaris. Is it true and if so when will this happen and which part of beldibi
  3. SonnyJim

    Devlet Hospital Operations

    We have a Turkish friend staying with us at the moment who has advised that the government have suspended all non emergency operations at Devlet Hopsitals. Apparently it came into effect in August. I can not find any information about this online. Has anyone out there heard about this, as it...
  4. I

    Dalaman State Hospital - Devlet

    Hi. Can some please give me some information about the Devlet? I need to know if there is a yabanci service and if they have translators. Also has anyone been and had a good experience there? Can appointments be made by phone and is there a bus service. A lot I know but if someone could help...
  5. V

    Hospital appointments App

    Anyone who has used the 182 phone number to book appointments at Turkey's Devlet hospitals and had problems speaking or understanding Turkish can now use a new App - in English. The 182 Merkezi app let's you book appointments at all Turkey's Devlet hospitals and gives all available times and...
  6. IbrahimAbi

    Hospital experience in Turkey

    In the past few weeks I visited my brother in hospital in the UK, and, on Sunday I had the need to visit A and E here in Turkey. In the wee hours of Sunday my wife fainted in the bathroom and split her head on the tiles. I brought her round, cleaned and inspected the wound. The initial...
  7. E

    SGK hospital charges for foreigners explained.

    I came across this article which helps to explain SGK hospital charges for foreigners, especially in relation to chronic illnesses. Local hospital charges for foreigners explained · Kalkan Turkey · Kalkan Weather · Kalkan Information · Kalkan Map · Kalkan Turkish Local News
  8. IbrahimAbi

    Clarkson admitted to hospital in Spain

    Jeremy Clarkson has been admitted into hospital in Spain. He posted a picture on Instagram of tubes in his arm and his hospital identity tags around his wrist, writing: "Not the sort of bangles I usually choose on holiday." Rumours are circulating that the popular TV host tripped over his own...
  9. stmary

    getting a appointment at Didim Hospital

    Hi, if you want to see a specialist at Didim hospital do you need to be Referred by Dr , or can you just go and take a translator with you and see how how you go , thank you
  10. B

    Glenda is back in Ozel Hospital

    Glenda asked me to let her friends and family know that she is back in hospital. She is still suffering from Cellulitis and she is not well enough to take her planned flight home which was originally booked for tomorrow. If you want to cheer her up and speak with her, she is in Room 335, Floor...
  11. Tenpin

    E-signature becomes mandatory at hospitals in Turkey

    Comes into force October 1. E-signature becomes mandatory at hospitals in Turkey - HEALTH
  12. bickern

    Koycegiz Hospital

    It has been open a while now but for those whom haven't been inside yet here is a picture gallery. Köyce?iz Devlet Hastanesi|Resim Galeri|
  13. J

    Freeman Hospital Newcastle

    I love you so much. All the people that work there. My daughter was referred there recently under the 14 day Cancer suspected nasty tumour. You have hugged her, uplilifted her, and finally come up up with some good news on her rare tumour. We can now go forward in your caring hands. Please...
  14. J

    Baskent Hospital

    Hi, can anyone tell me if you can have an eye test in Baskent Hospital please? Thanks
  15. abba

    New State Hospital for Bodrum

    Bodrum?a Yeni Hastane Müjdesi | Bodrum Haber
  16. C

    Acibadem Hospital Bodrum

    Can anyone please help. I have SGK health insurance. If I need treatment will it cost me to be treated at the Acibadem Hospital in Bodrum. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  17. R

    Datca hospital

    Can anyone in Datca tell me please if the new hospital is open yet? Or if not when it is expected to open? Many thanks:clap:
  18. Akasya

    Hinchingbroke Hospital

    Disaster for the Tories First private operator of NHS hospital pulls out amid cuts - Telegraph Just in time for the Election Steve
  19. B

    Tony Benn in hospital.

    BBC News - Tony Benn seriously ill in hospital Although he is a Socialist, I have great respect for the man. He is principled and one of the few present day politicians who could make everybody listen when he spoke in Parliament. I wish him well during his stay in...
  20. C

    State Hospital in Side

    Does anyone know of there is a State Hospital available in Side (ps: NOT in Manavgat, I know there´s one there)?
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