1. Webarella

    Horse stables in Alanya

    Hi, can you recommend good and responsable places for riding in Alanya? No education needed, just riding and jumping. No safaris. Price about for an hour would be also nice to know. Suggestions?
  2. Jaycey

    Horse Racing – a Blood Sport?

    It’s a favorite of celebrities, but the Santa Anita Park racetrack near Los Angeles is facing calls to close after a reported 29 horse fatalities since December…
  3. juco

    For horse lovers.

    I never heard about this until now and as one poster commented ..when the music starts. beautiful. Video clip at bottom of page.
  4. W

    Brains and Insensitivty of a Rocking Horse

    "Angry protesters chase Scotland's only Tory MP out of town after he turned up to open a FOOD BANK" - I accept this has nothing to do with a Turkish Forum but I had to laugh at the above headline this...
  5. M

    Trojan Horse Virus

    Somewhere, someone, has resurrected this virus! In the last twenty minutes, AVG has informed me five times that the threat is trying to attack my computer. One of the warnings contained this threat three times. What do these people get from this? I assume they try at random and hope that...
  6. H

    Saddlery horse riding equipment

    I have heard that there is some where In marmaris to buy horse riding equipment does anyone know where this is
  7. H

    Horse riding

    Anyone know anywhere you can go horse riding on the beach or in the mountains x
  8. H

    Horse riding in Dalyan

    Hi does anyone know of any local places I can go horse riding
  9. Sunny Seasider

    The Year of the Horse

    It's the beginning of the Chinese New Year today, the year of the horse. "People born in the year of the horse are said to be a bit like horses: animated, active and energetic – they love being in a crowd. They are quick to learn independence – foals can walk minutes after birth – and they have...
  10. Jaycey

    Horse kills mountain lion

    This may be a first... A couple from Montana were out riding on the range - he with his rifle and she with her camera. Their dogs always followed them, but on this occasion, a mountain lion decided that he wanted to stalk the dogs (you'll see the dogs in the background watching). Bad decision...

    Horse Racing in Turkey?

    Have got Our daughters In laws Staying with Us and He is Mad Into Horse racing /Betting etc Etc ,Anyone know if you can Watch it anywhere ,Or ,long Shot ,In Turkey ,But any Bookies , ??? I know the gambling is Not Allowed But ???? Any Help would be Good ,Thanks in Advance ,Jeff/Chris
  12. gally

    Flying Horse

    Hi Can anyone tell me the Flying Horse phone number please? Does anyone know if they do free transport as we have a group of around 14? Thanks for any info. :3:
  13. altinkum kev

    Had enough horse meat?

    If you have had enough horse meat try this. Yate couple find dead songbird in their Tesco salad | This is Bristol
  14. christella

    horse meat

    Sod the horse meat in burgers, this is a lot more worrying!!
  15. L

    Horse, donkey and pork....

    Just been watching the news and they are now reporting that pork has been found in some products too. I think this might offend more people than donkey! :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  16. kale

    Horse meat

    The horse meat fiasco Have to say I do not buy any processed meals However does tihis mean we have not eaten horse meat . It's not the fact that we could have it,s what they could have been injected with , Like beef which could have been injected with antibiotics , also muscle and bulk...
  17. barry budd

    horse burgers
  18. B

    Horse racing at Izmir - 19-7-2012

    50 Lira, 10 Lira deposit, lunch at DD 1.30 - 2pm with departure by 3pm. Contact Selma at Didim Diner. Les
  19. B

    Horse racing at Izmir - 17/5/2012

    Anyone interested contact Selma at Didim Diner, cost 50 lira, 10 lira deposit required. The timetable is:- Meet at Didim Diner for lunch by 2pm, depart for Izmir by 3pm, there will be a short stop going to and from the event. First race is 6pm, last race at 8.30 with an expected return to...
  20. B

    Horse racing at Izmir - 26/4/2012

    Anyone interested in going, contact Selma at Didim Diner for further details. Cost 50 lira, 10 lira deposit required by Monday. Les
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