1. S

    Utter horror

    This seems to me like a horror movie Vile scum Kidnapped girl kept as sex slave for 13 years by taxi driver - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  2. bal canavar

    Yalikavak horror find

    The international waters off the coast of Yalikavak BODRUM fishermen called in the Greek coastal patrol after finding 2 decapitated heads one of a woman they were taken to RODOS mortuary, were they have said one belongs to a woman in her 40's they are unsure how the severed heads got there ...
  3. Ceni

    Shock, Horror!

    He's lied for 10 years! Is anyone *kin surprised, he's a MP Can't wait to see what silly "token" sentence he gets.
  4. C

    Yalikavak Dog Horror

    Hello everybody, I am new to this Forum. I come to Yalikavak every year with my wife and son but this year we were only able to come in the winter and having come last month it was still good weather. When I came I was very sad to see that the Karavan was removed where I used to donate food to...
  5. Struggs

    UK Property Purchase Horror

    Hearing all the horror stories about buying in Turkey, how many in the UK have had problems. Mine is by no means to this extent, but shocked me and my Brother greatly. I have been looking to move home for 7yrs, last Oct. I found a detached bungalow in the area I was brought up in, I had doubts...
  6. M

    Shock horror

    I am not one for complaining about prices of drinks/food etc but we have been drinking in Big Bens on the front all winter.A pint of draught beer has been 3:50,okay so far.We expected it to go up once the summer season started and it did, last week it went up to 4tl. Fair enough, "problem yok"...
  7. SonnyJim

    Avatar Pictures!! Shock Horror!!

    I was so relieved when KKOB changed his picture from that awful ..... don't really know what it was - snarling, blood curdling THING!!! Thanks KKOB, much more chilled now! Have just noticed that now Yalides has moved to the horror theme :boink: Last night I watched a bit of that film called...
  8. skydog

    Indred Cats. The horror!

    :bump2: INBRED! Durrr.... Been on nights.
  9. arrian

    horror smash..lucky escape

    Lucky escape for Ohio driver in horror crash - Yahoo! News UK
  10. arrian

    Horror stories

    i so agree with this writer. i have been fascinated by horror stories from a little girl, and the best ones were always those that left most to your own imagination! i stopped reading horror some time ago, as so many were just soooo predictable and ridiculous. 'no hide behind the sofa' factor at...
  11. B

    more spider horror! arrgggg!!

    Well, don't read this news article if you have arachnophobia as it will just get worse and worse and worse!!! I won't be spoilin' it for you and tell you what it's about but you will be scared !!!! THE HORROR OF IT ALL!!!!! brown bear chillin' wiv da spider man!
  12. spitfire

    Fire Show Horror

    Another British familys holiday has been ruined by a stupid stunt with fire that went wrong. After the death of little Eden in Altinkum I thought these were banned or is it just in the Didim area? At least this little lad will recover but how long until the next one???? Here's the link...
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