1. D

    Horizon Sky

    Hi folks I'm looking to purchase a property on the Horizon Sky development (or similar) I intend to fly out at the end of the month to view properties All comments welcome, either positive or indeed negative Thanks Darren
  2. S

    One bed penthouse for sale - Horizon Sky

    Excellent location, stunning views. Coconut Grove. £68k including furniture for quick sale.
  3. N

    Looking for a penthouse for sale at Horizon Sky

    Hello Everyone. Does anyone have a penthouse for sale at Horizon Sky?
  4. suzyq

    Happy Birthday New Horizon

    Happy Birthday New Horizon hope you enjoy your special day x
  5. 9

    Horizon Sky Maintenance / Site fees

    Hi, I have been looking at this development as a possible contender to purchase a 2 bed duplex, can any owners please tell me what the yearly/monthly site maintenance fees are? I am expecting it be high because of all the facilities. Also, can any owners on this development tell me any negative...
  6. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday New Horizon.

    Here's wishing you have a great day today, Mothers' Day too, you should be spoilt today. Formula One season, spring is just around the corner, here's to some great Sundays. :3: :pressie:
  7. L

    Also considering a purchase at Horizon Sky Gulluk

    Hi everyone I visited the complex last July and was shown various apartments for quite good prices 30k-40k, all with amazing views , couldn't find anywhere else In Bodrum area in this price range, so I almost decided to go ahead with purchasing one of them.. until I came across this forum and...
  8. M

    Horizon Sky Duplex for sale £50k

    For sale 2 bed / 2 bath duplex at the Horizon Sky resort. Fully furnished. Overlooking phase 1 pool. £50k for quick sale. Thanks
  9. T

    Horizon Sky

    Can anyone confirm if the resort is still open? We stopped at a beach 2 weeks ago on a boat trip from Bogazici and the Kaptan told us we were at Horizon Sky. It looked deserted, certainly no-one on the beach, which was quite nice. We were there for an hour or more and didn't see anyone. I'm...
  10. M

    Horizon Sky

    Hello, I just joined the forum. I have a duplex at the Horizon Sky development near Gulluk in Turkey. Mike
  11. L

    Horizon tv programme BBC 2

    I have just watched this programme on the iplayer (was on last night) I thought it was amazing the new treatments that are available to some cancer patients. I found it really positive & incredible the progress that has been made & that they hope will continue to be made in the future. I am...
  12. D

    Estate agent in Gulluk / Bodrum?

    Hi, I would like to sell our Duplex on the Horizon Sky resort for £62000. Can anyone recommend a good honest agent, in Gulluk / Bodrum area. Any tips on how to market the property? Many thanks Mike
  13. D

    Phase 1 duplex for sale 2 bed / 2 bath FOR SALE in Bay of Gulluk

    Hi, we have a phase 1 duplex for sale. Block 2 end terrace overlooking phase 1 pool. Breathtaking views. Furniture pack included. Immaculate! Let me know if you want more info. Open to offers. Thanks Mike
  14. D

    Horizon Sky

    We have a 2 bed / 2 bathroom duplex for sale on the Horizon Sky resort. Overlooking pool, breathtaking views fully furnished. Open to offers. Contact me interested Mike
  15. G

    Thinking of selling on Horizon Sky

    We have a two bed townhouse on phase 1 of the Horizon Sky development near Gulluck . We love it and wondered if the selling process was difficult? The site is not fully completed. GK:
  16. John O' Dreams

    Freedom on Horizon?

    Across the Arab world, freedom is now a prospect By Robert Fisk In the dying days of the Ottoman empire, American diplomats – US consuls in Beirut, Jerusalem, Cairo and other cities – NGOs across the region and thousands of American missionaries, pleaded with the State Department and with...
  17. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday New Horizon

    Here's wishing you a Happy Birthday Nihal, I hope you enjoy your special day today. xx :pressie: Everyone celebrating their Birthdays today, enjoy.
  18. T

    Horizon Sky Project Guluk Bodrum

    I am a buyer of a Penthouse at Horizon Sky Project belongs to Signature Resorts Properties, and the hand over been delayed formalmost 2 years. I am looking for a solicitor or lawyer recommended who handled previous similar issues. Appreciate your input with Solicitor's firm name and contact details
  19. R

    Horizon Sky

    I have an ongoing problem relating to contractual rights whilst purchasing properties on Horizon Sky.I cannot discuss this aspect with other purchasers on the Facebook site as all negative comments relating to this have been deleted. I therefore wondered whether any other users of this forum are...
  20. A

    Horizon sky community fees

    Hi everyone what are the community fees set at on Horizon sky?
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