1. juco

    There is hope :-)

    I sold a small value item on ebay, it arrived damaged so I immediately refunded the buyer and apologised. A few hours later the buyer contacted me and said its ok and thanks for the refund but I have fixed the damage so I still want to pay you. I replied just accept it free of charge for the...
  2. bickern

    Hope the loony lefties are happy.

    Whether they like it or not they just lost an election but democracy isn't about that to the loony left, oh no. I think it is disgusting the way Corbyn and McDonnell are taking the opportunity to score political points on a genuine tragedy. Grenfell will take a while to unravel but to even...
  3. juco

    Gardening, I hope this works.

    When I go on holiday I have 36 x3 inch pots with seedlings. I intend to put them on a large tray sitting on several layers of newspaper, tilt the tray slightly so there is a deep & shallow end. the pots will be at the shallow end, the idea being that the pots will soak up water from the wet...
  4. bickern

    Well this uplifted me, hope it does you.

    The Latkovski Sisters performed “Reflections” on the WHAS Crusade for Children telethon. The Latkovski sisters are two young ladies who are phenomenal dancers. The younger sister, Gracie Latkovski, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis, but she does not let that stop her. Gracie...
  5. S

    Excitement, hope, disappointment ???

    Met some smashing people yesterday who have just in the past month moved out here full time. They are full of excitement looking forward to new life here and very much still in the wide eyed full of awe and wonder stage. Couldn't help feeling at the back of my mind that I have seen this...
  6. perfect1949

    hope you all have a good one

    a happy new 2013 for tomorrow , to all our family's and friends from me and Shirley . hope you all have a good one . dave
  7. Talkinman

    Old age catches us all (we hope)

    This was found in my late mother-in-laws effects. The golden years have come at last I cannot see I cannot pee I cannot chew I cannot screw My memory shrinks My hearing stinks No sense of smell I look like hell My body is drooping Got trouble pooping So the golden years have come at last Well...
  8. S

    Hope every one doin well

    Just joined this forum to taste Turkish culture
  9. T

    Hope this is the right place to post this thread

    I remember reading about people upset by dogs barking I am not sure if this is covered by the law mentioned in Zaman newspaper about noisy neighbours but if it helps here is the link Noisy neighbors
  10. scotssteve

    Tunisia - Hope For The Future

    BBC News - Tunisia voters go to polls in historic free election Best wishes to the people of Tunisia as they go to the polls. The first country of the "Arab Spring" start voting today in what is hoped will be a historic and peaceful election. Seems such a short time since they overthrew the...
  11. Mushtaq

    Vaccine hope for prostate cancer sufferers

    A new approach to developing cancer vaccines has been used to treat prostate tumours, an international team of scientists has said. DNA from healthy cells was used to create a vaccine which cured 80% of mice, Nature Medicine reports. The researchers believe the principle could be applied to...
  12. Marc

    Maybe there is hope...

    Prime Minister Erdogan said that Animal Welfare would be a high priority after the election, He met with the Istanbul Mayor, Animal Welfare campaigners and a pop star!! He quoted mohammed from the Koraan when discussing caring for animals and also talked about his sons own dog. here is the...
  13. arrian

    Hope for us all!!!!

    yes, there's always hope, and this proves it!!! Cancer sufferer given six weeks to live still going strong after 13 YEARS | Mail Online
  14. perfect1949

    what is your hope,s and wishes for 2011

    mine is all my family and friends has a healthy and stress free year , what are yours ? . and i would like to wish all of my friends on here a very special new year to you all . dave
  15. S

    Hope all my friends in Yalikavak and on TLF have Fabulous Christmas

    Just wanted to wish everyone in Yalikavak and on TLF a Very Happy Christmas and hope all your dreams come true in 2011. xx:12:
  16. Leyley

    There is hope yet!!

    I found this article intriguing - what a great way of helping some women. Turkish City Cuts Salaries of Abusive Employees
  17. S

    A word of hope!

    After a full 5 plus years of waiting, and many mishaps and diversions along the way, we have today been advised that we now have military clearance to buy our property in Bodrum. You can only imagine how relieved we are, but also how we will only be finally relieved once we get the tapu in our...
  18. John O' Dreams

    Sakineh's last hope

    I notice a couple of threads have been started today on the arrest of Sakineh Ashtiani’s lawyer, but thought this appeal I received by e-mail warrants a new one: Dear Friends, Sakineh Ashtiani could be executed for adultery in Iran in the next few days, but two men could still save her --...
  19. bobthenob

    Returned with Hope

    Greetings all, l have been off line for some time now because of certain issues needed to be sorted out in my life.l flew out to England to find out certain info l am entitled to and also the possibilities of starting up again as a self employed business venture. l have been to the C.A.B for the...
  20. juco

    I hope this more speculation than fact.....

    I hope this more speculation than fact..... Expect numbers of women victimized by priests as children to rise over next few years, say lawyers Apr 24 2010 By Mary Ormsby ....But London-based lawyer Robert Talach, who represented McLauchlin and other Sylvestre victims, expects that male-female...
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