1. yalimart

    Thugs, Scum and Hooligans

    That's the thoughts of a woman thought to be a future leader of the conservative party, when talking about the disabled and pensioners at her tax payer and pensioner funded office whilst doing her tax payer and pensioner funded job. Outrage as Tory MP claims she felt threatened by a 'thug gang'...
  2. ceemac


    If this were happening in Britain, I think it would be plastered all over the news media - this is not just a Russian thing either - it's occurring all over Europe regularly. LiveLeak.com - CSKA Moscow hoolies' warm welcome for Spartak's away support C
  3. C

    British hooligans brawl in Marmaris

    Reported in today's Turkish daily news http://www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/article.php?enewsid=51502 there was also a big fight about a month ago on Uzun Yali (long beach) outside one of the bars which involved British lads and a Turk who was selling excursions. Police were called, not sure of...
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