1. F

    Honest Estate Agent

    Oxymoron? Perhaps but, I'm after as an honest an estate agent as I can get in Fethiye to help us sell our apartment for us. Can anyone help, pls.? Estate agents need not reply.
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Honest Turk

    We have seen many posts which lambast Turkish people, usually referring to house and land deals. this article was a pleasure to read:- Money amounting to $74,404, a smartphone, and a wristwatch was reportedly left by a passenger onboard an inbound plane from Kuwait City at Istanbul Atatürk...
  3. S

    Brutally honest survivor of North of Ireland conflict

    Former Troubles soldier 'would shake hands of man who killed friend' - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  4. Spurs

    Any honest people left

    Everyones at it. Sam Allardyce: England manager leaves after one match in charge - BBC Sport
  5. bickern

    Is this the most honest political memoir of all?

    Good question, I hazard the answer probably not, but it does give an insight I suppose. I have always thought it disgusting she was brought down by her own party, the voter should have had that job. I was totally against the ill conceived poll tax, very very unfair and an expensive system...
  6. Spurs

    Be honest

    Honesty is the best policy BUT to have Lord Mandelson sprout anything using the word "honest" is totally out of order. I certainly remember his dishonesty, then he became an EU Commissionaire. The guy still thinks he is the new Messiah. Can we not deport him to America? BBC News - Lord...
  7. N

    Reliable & honest cleaner required

    Hi ...Please can anybody recommend a cleaner, who we could email prior to arriving in Dalaman to clean a 2 bed, 1 bathroom apartment?
  8. B

    Selling our Duplex in Akbuk - need an honest agent

    We are thinking about the possiblity of selling our 3 bedroom Duplex in Akbuk. Can anyone recommend a good honest estate agent that maybe they have used in Akbuk/Didim? Thanks. Oh, and one more thing; stupid as it may sound, how do you determine the final selling price? Mel
  9. S

    Honest diver

    Still feel it may have been different had they not been 2 nil up Player dives, wins penalty, has change of heart and confesses to ref | Early Doors - Yahoo Eurosport UK
  10. skydog

    Honest advertising

    Renault Clio - best ebay auction eva! This from eBay. Read the description. You'll p1$$ yourself laughing. As I nearly did. ;)
  11. Jaycey

    How honest are we really?

    1. If you were offered something you needed at 1/3rd the cost and suspected that it was stolen would you still buy it? 2. If you were having Tapu problems and told by a local official that he could make all the problems go away for 500TL would you go for it? 3. You are digging in your garden...
  12. Freedom 49

    An Honest Opinion. Merged

    Last week, the Turkish/Foreign pricing came back into conversation after a chap had been asked 10 lira for an Efes in a restaurant along Side promenade. My feeling with this has always been, if you're not willing to pay the price to drink or eat in a very pleasant environment, cheaper places...
  13. P

    good honest property management in Yalikavak

    Does anyone know of any honest and trust worthy property management in Yalikavak?
  14. P

    honest question for honest answers

    Hello All first time on the Dalyan forum. I am looking to book a villa in Dalyan in June 2013. we have been to Yalikavak for the past 3 years and are ready for a change. We don't like the typical " Brits abroad" type resorts i.e full english, John Smiths, Karaoke etc. I can get all that in...
  15. D

    Need honest estate agent altinkum

    Hi was looking for advice my friend has gone through a divorce and has to sell 2 apts on dolpin 1 and 2 he has all paperwork and was after a quick sale which estate agent would you recommend in altinkum thankyou
  16. KEDDI

    Reliable and HONEST lawyer

    Hi everybody, Would anyone know a reliable and honest lawyer in Söke or Aydin ? May be one in Didim or Altinkum in my dreams ?!! I've got my title deeds made but I need one to investigate and find out what happened with my duplex with the relevant Belediye authorities. I can't get my...
  17. T

    honest lawyer in altinkum

    hi have owned appartment in altinkum for five years ,still waiting for tapu have been asked for more money or appartment may go to auction. can anyone recomend good lawyer they have used recently many thanks
  18. bobthenob

    Reliable honest worker

    Anyone that is having problems with their property and in need of some repairs.Then l have the person for you. A very reliable person that gets the job done,without any of the hiked up prices and excuses that follows.l had many jobs done to my property with this guy and l just cannot fault him...
  19. K

    Honest opinion

    Hi I was just wondering if there is anyone on the forum who would recommend an agent who would give an honest valuation for a villa.I have decided to sell as cant deal the with dishonesty that goes on there I cant trust anyone in the business world over there. I cant do business this way and...
  20. R

    Honest Simple Advice from Turkish Agent

    Hi, I thought I would share this information for anyone looking to buy out in Turkey because when we bought we didn't know who to trust etc. We were in Bodrum earlier this month to sort out the damp in our villa, during our stay we met a really lovely lady who also sells properties in Bodrum...
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