1. juco

    Affordable homes UK

    I keep reading about `affordable homes` being built but what does that mean? Affordable for whom? In the town I live they are building affordable homes and I reckon 99.9% of the residents couldn't afford them but being within commuting distance of Edinburgh then outsiders probably could. Just...
  2. Freedom 49

    3 Babies needing good homes and TLC.

    A litter of kittens that were born on the grounds of The Hanay Suit Hotel about 2 months ago have just been brought up to our office by their mother for some food. The hotel is closed now for the winter so, without the benefit of food from the holidaymakers or even the staff at The Hanay who are...
  3. E

    Sale of homes and who can advertise them

    By the look of this report all renting and home sales can only be done by the an emlak or the owner ,no adverts in shops cafes etc fines up to 10000 Tl for any one making the advert . Sat?l?k-kiral?k yazanlara 10 bin TL ceza - Cumhuriyet Ekonomi Haberleri
  4. M

    Going back to UK and homes required for two dogs

    Hi We have a friend who at the moment has two dogs, but she now urgently is to return to the UK, she has tried to get them re homed but no luck there. She is now asking for advice. She does not want them to be thrown out on the street.(She took both of them off the street) She thought about...
  5. S

    New born Kitterns - homes wanted

    Hi . I have a property on the spring development and have just been informed that a cat has just given birth to 3 kittens in my property. Obviously they are being looked after. Any advice would be very welcome as I live in the UK and don't really know what to do. I don't want them to be...
  6. B

    Property for Sale in Gumusluk, Sunlight Homes

    HI all, Sorry for hi-jacking this forum. I am a Turkish living in the UK. I am selling the property in the link as I am preparing for another investment. My asking price would be 60K and please feel free to PM me for details. cheers barkan
  7. H

    Happy birthday Crescent Homes !

    I see it's Crescent Home's birthday today. So, wishing you well. Hilary x
  8. kemerkid

    New homes in Konacik

    For those of you who are interested there is a garden party being held by my Ortakent neighbour. It is at the site of their latest complex completion in Konacik Pukka Perla "Garden Party"mize Davetlisiniz ??? I have no idea how many houses there are, the sizes or prices. This is for you to...
  9. teosgirl

    2 puppies looking for homes

    Hi all, A while back we rescued 3 puppies that were dumped in a satsuma grove near our home. I'm looking for homes for two of them - one boy and one girl. They're approximately 10/11 weeks old, lab/mix breed so will probably be medium/large in size. They've had their first jabs and been...
  10. Akasya

    Israel demolishes Palestinian homes again

    Once again Zionist Israeli Imperialism demolishes the homes of dozens of families and children..... Palestinian families homeless as Israeli military demolishes West Bank houses | World news | The Guardian Jews the world over must be sickened by it's alleged spiritual homeland's criminality...
  11. B

    turkish premier homes

    Hi , has anybody bought a property of this company if so how were they with the tapu
  12. L

    Sunlight Homes

    Hello, Anybody got any information on theses apartments in Gumusluk, location, site condition etc, any info would be most welcome. Thanks in advance...
  13. suzyq

    5 Kangals Pups Need Loving Homes

    5 Kangal Pups Need Loving Homes My friends Kangal has recently had 13 pups. 8 of the pups have been reserved and some of those 8 went to new homes this week, the rest will go over the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, there are still 5 pups, 1 male and 4 female looking for a loving...
  14. C

    residential homes

    I am just thinking to the future but does anyone know if there are Residential homes or nursing homes in the Bodrum area? I have SGK Health Insurance. Thank you for your help.
  15. M

    Ripo Homes - Mahmutlar

    Has anybody had experience of, had dealings with, or any knowledge of this company? Are they reputable? Thanks
  16. newhorizon

    Britons with homes in Turkey could have residency cancelled

    I know many here have been following and providing helpful information on the 120 day rule in various threads, this was an article in today's news papers. Thanks to Andy Probert and Redders for comments in the article. _________________________________________________________________ Foreigners...
  17. T

    Panorama & news care homes

    I just watched Panorama about care homes for the elderly in the UK it has also been on the BBC news. It is dreadful poor elderly vulnerable people are treated in such a terrible way. It is so distressing it was very difficult to watch. These poor elderly people have no human rights, no civil...
  18. J

    Good homes needed for puppies

    Beautiful German Shepherd puppies. 7 weeks old now. Vaccinations in progress and dog passport. They will make great companions. We just want them to go to good, caring people. Please PM me if interested. We are in Dalyan. Thank you.
  19. S

    Crescent Homes

    Happy bday
  20. J

    Alanya- rescued puppies need homes URGENTLY

    6 puppies rescued by children - had been thrown into a deep pit. 1 found new home today, but 5 left, 2 boys and 3 girls. Beautiful, look like German Shepherd cross, approx 1 and a half months old. Anybody interested pleas PM me for further details.
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