1. Camden

    Shooting Holland

    Seeking a Turkish man it seems. Utrecht tram shooting: armed police hunt suspect Security increased across Netherlands as police say shooting may have terrorist motive https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/18/utrecht-shooting-tram-dutch-netherlands
  2. W

    Dutch Social Group?

    I already found several social groups that organize stuff but was wondering if there exists one specificly for Dutch people living in Kusadasi
  3. bickern

    14 Caribbean nations sue Britain, Holland and France

    Britain is being sued with France and the Netherlands by 14 Caribbean countries which are demanding what could be hundreds of billions of pounds in reparations for slavery. Around 175 years after Britain freed its last slaves in the West Indies, an alliance of Caribbean nations is demanding to...
  4. jean70

    Back in Holland.............

    Just want to say Pearl Rock....................We wil be back soon!
  5. arrian

    Most hated man in Holland!

    Holland blames World Cup final defeat on English referee Howard Webb but at least his wife is still behind him | Mail Online
  6. M

    Merhaba from Holland

    Hi, we are the proud owner of a house in Park Turquoise, we are wondering if there are more dutch people on this forum who have bought on Turquoise. We are a family consisting of 5 people 2 adults and 3 kids (4,6,7) and we always go on holiday to Turkey. Especially now as our home has been...
  7. J

    Holland is to Scrap Flight Tax

    Hi all Good use for us clogges Holland is to Scrap the flight tax, I am sure it will start a price war here and have a knock on effect in the UK. Lets hope we are the first of many ? :gossip:
  8. E

    Hi to all TLF members from Holland

    I have been browsing in this Forum a lot already, so I think it's about time to introduce ourselves. We are Eddy and Geke from the Netherlands (northern part). Might be we are one of the few Dutch members??!! We are still belonging to the workingclass, are in our mid-fifties (no kids) and love...
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