1. yalimart

    Future Holidays

    I just read this on the Martin Lewis pages, On the Beach and Love Holidays withdraw from ABTA to avoid having to pay refunds, they won't be on my search list in the near future. Martin
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Turkish School holidays

    At last someone is beginning to smell the Kahve: Turkey cuts summer break to boost education efficiency - Turkey News I taught in the Turkish system for 4 years, currently the terms are so incredibly long that all teachers and students are jaded several weeks before the end of the semester...
  3. S

    How to get the best flight prices during school holidays

    I would like to know if there is a way to get affordable half board or all inclusive deals to Dalaman region without lying to the school. I'm in London. Monarch is dead. Lowcost holidays is dead but Brexit is well and truly alive with market forces poised to put us all into solitary confinement...
  4. bickern

    Share the good things about your lives or holidays in Turkey

    Well the challenge was given by Ann so feel free to post all the uplifting stuff here. To kick it off I will just mention that the people of Toparlar, as in my immediate neighbours, are really spiffing, what-ho, and I count them as extended family. Hopefully this will be a positive thread...
  5. L

    Turkish Bank Holidays

    Does anyone have a list of Bank Holiday dates for Turkey this year, so we know when Banks/Council Offices are closed, thanks Sharon
  6. A

    Cheap Holidays to Side Turkey from UK

    Golden Star Hotel which is right on the beach and next to the promenade - only a 20 minute walk into Old Town Side - is just UK Pounds 12 for a double just now. A friend is staying this week at the Side Royal Paradise hotel in Kumkoy which is a luxurious 5 star all inclusive for just UK Pounds...
  7. bickern

    Holidays in Turkey For 2015

    In case anyone wants to jot down somewhere. Public and Religious Holidays in Turkey For 2015. Public Holidays: January 1st New Year April 23rd Children’s Day May 1st Labor Day May 19th Youth and Sports Day August 30th Victory Day October 29th Republic Day Ramazan start 17th June. Şeker...
  8. newhorizon

    Top end Turkey hotels and luxury holidays!

    Like a gulet bobbing in a tranquil harbour, Turkey is moored to dry land at both ends. Europe is at its prow and the Middle East at its stern; but most of the country’s long gunwales – its 4,970 miles of coast – are lapped by the waters of three warm seas. So it is no surprise that the Turkish...
  9. I

    Alanya holidays

    I'm 43 old and I am traveling to Alanya and I don't want to stay at a hotel 2 weeks. Also I don't care much to see my countrymen and men around me, so I was thinking if anyone from this forum is heading to Alanya between July-August 24.07.-05.08? If so, don't hesitate to contact :)
  10. Mushtaq

    Cruise Holidays - Where and When to go

    As we have a few regular cruisers, I thought I'd start a thread to encourage some exchange of information. What are the worst and best cruises, things to look out for and things to avoid. My fear has always been of getting dodgy food and end up sitting with people I don't really want to be...
  11. Yalides

    Children and holidays.

    Anger of father fined for taking children out of school for holiday to Greece | Mail Online You had the kids, their education comes first doesn`t it ?
  12. A

    Turkish summer holidays

    Please can someone tell me when the turkish start? Am i right in saying it lasts for 3 months
  13. stmary

    where can i find apartments to rent for holidays

    Hi ,there used to be a part on this forum where you could rent off folks for holidays , i can't seem to find it now , does any one know where we can find rented holiday homes please , cheers and thank you
  14. J

    Holidays in Manavgat

    Hello, We are a family of 4, and would like to spend our summer holiday in Manavgat. We went to cappadocia a few years ago and loved it! I remember the buses were great in Turkey. Will there be a bus from antalya airport directly to Manavgat ? And are there dolmus buses in Manavgat to travelnto...
  15. millilove76

    Caravan Holidays

    Following on from the recent travel threads i thought i'd ask members advice (as i noted other members had been caravaners). I've been looking into buying a caravan for the past 12 months. I looked at the static caravans that are sited but have ruled them out. Site fees were just huge and it...
  16. bickern

    Turkish national holidays for 2013

    Turkish national holidays for 2013 are as follows: Tuesday 23 April - Children’s Day and National Sovereignty Day Sunday 19 May - Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day Tuesday 9 July – Ramazan begins (30 days) Wednesday 7 August – Sugar Holiday (End of Ramadan) ‘Seker Bayram’ Eve...
  17. E

    Holidays in Turkey

    What are the important holidays? Are there special observances of these holidays?
  18. C

    Altinkum summer holidays

    Hi everyone, i joined this forum a long long time ago and this is my first time on since the birth of my beautiful baby girl...she is now 5. She was 3mths premature so i've or rather we have had a hell of a struggle to get her to this point. but, this is my first year possible to go and see our...
  19. M

    Spanish Holidays

    I believe the Turkish tourist board have recently realised figures suggesting an increase in tourism, is this a projested figure given that the Spanish government have increased taxes that will have an impact on the cost of Spanish holidays ?
  20. S

    Re New Visa requirements for Holidays.

    Hi, just returned from a 11 day holiday in Marmaris, but a bit confused as to when i can or cant go back there. I understand the visa says 90 days but then some people say i must go in and out within the first 90 days and stay out for 90 days. The police at dalaman told me no problem as i want...
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