1. V

    Where to holiday abroad when you live in Turkey

    I was wondering where people went on holiday to once they have moved to Turkey fulltime. I know lots of people will go back to their home country to visit family etc, but where else do people go & when? I am thinking that in the wintertime I may need a sun holiday somewhere warmer & in August I...
  2. A

    Bank Holiday in Turkey 29th October 2020

    :33:republic day in turkey: Thursday october 29th republic day in turkey celebrates the foundation of the turkish republic in 1923. This is a public holiday, meaning all government offices,[goc, nufus etc] banks, schools, and administration buildings are closed for the one day. :33:
  3. T

    Holiday booked but will we be able to go

    Have booked a holiday to go to Side in October before all this COVID-19 started up. Wondering will the restrictions be lifted before we go. We have been coming to side since 1996 and it still holds it's magic.:23:
  4. bickern

    Iyi Bayramlar Arkadaşlar

    Friday is Victory Day (Zafer Bayramı), it is a national holiday in Turkey, and always celebrated on August 30th. Victory Day commemorates the victory in the Battle of Dumlupınar which was the decisive battle in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922 Banks, Government offices, and some local...
  5. IbrahimAbi

    15th July will be a holiday

    For those in Turkey, it seems that Monday will be a holiday. I have just tried to do an EFT transfer through Garanti internet banking and could not understand why it would not accept 15th July. it kept rejecting it as a holiday. Then it dawned on me it is the anniversary of the 'coup'
  6. Mojive

    Long time coming Cuba holiday!

    Hi fellow members :) Having a change from Turkey holidays and its nearly that time for 2 weeks in Cuba first 3 nights in Havana then on to AI for R and R.... flying out 31st Jan any must see/do in Havana, any tips at all. I know about cigar factory, Rum factory and the CARS :) going alone...
  7. B

    Turkey Holiday Terror?

    In today's Daily Star. And it is headline news! What rubbish...
  8. S

    School holiday tv

    As we start the time of year when kids are off on their long hols it takes me back to memories of those summer hols programmes In particular I remember the Bananna Splits But one show I really liked was Robinson Crusoe . However the episodes were actually shown aligned with Britains...
  9. bashful


    March 17th......... ring a bell with anyone?
  10. M

    Holiday rental

    Hi all,I'm looking for a holiday rental from 31st may until 20th June (20 days)2018 in the Tuzla ,Gulluk area.Pool etc would be nice...retired couple..
  11. Lindacm

    Apartment holiday let

    Hi, Can anyone help? I'm looking for an apartment to rent in Calis, for 2 weeks from 5th May and 4-5 weeks in mid-August Oct next year. It's only for 1 person, so nothing expensive. I am currently in Calis and will be here until Thurs 23rd Nov. If anyone has something that might suit, please...
  12. simpsons

    Cost Of Holiday in Spain to rise

    It now seems that the Balearic government are going to limit the tourists allowed in the islands. Brits accused of TERRORISM in Spain as bed numbers slashed and tourists intimidated | World | News |
  13. bal canavar

    Jazz in Bodrum during Ramadan holiday

    A new jazz event in Bodrum, We Jazz Bodrum, will kick off on the second day of the Ramadan holiday on June 26 before continuing in various spots in the western town throughout summer. Jazz in Bodrum during Ramadan holiday | Good Morning Turkey
  14. T

    BA Flight Holiday Mayhem

    Thousands of people across the world have been stranded, airports swamped in people waiting to hear something - anything about why BA have cancelled flights! Eventually BA claimed it was caused by a Power outage, then a Glitch..... But is it because they too have outsourced their IT services...
  15. S

    Nightmare holiday

    Now it's getting into holiday season we are bombarded on Tv with ads for many types of holidays Got me to thinking of what would always have been my nightmare holiday- a holiday camp!!! Jeez the thought of it In Ireland we had Butilns just outside Dublin To give you an idea how bad it was...
  16. A

    safe to holiday in alanya

    please can anyone advise if they have recently visited Alanya and if they felt safe whilst holidaying.... Me and my husband always travel to turkey and have had some amazing holidays but for the last 2 years i have felt uneasy about going, therefore missed out on having my usual summer...
  17. lilacdiana

    Holiday in Alanya

    Hi asking for a friend. If he holidays in Alanya would he he be able to get easy access to golf? He looked at Belek but it is more expensive and he was hoping to do it on the cheap!!!!
  18. M

    holiday let

    Hi,im looking to rent a property in the Tuzla/Gulluk are for three weeks in September.Please get in touch if anyone has anywhere..Brian
  19. E

    Holiday health insurance

    Advice please ... I have free holiday health insurance from my bank, but it only covers me for 31 days at a stretch. Another company has offered me a package with 64 days at a stretch at GBP 25 per month as an optional part of a complete health package. I would prefer not to take the additional...
  20. christella

    sun holiday tokens

    if you want to collect the tokens DONT!!! get them here
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