1. S

    Bore holes

    Does anybody have contact details of a bore hole contractor in the Fethiye region, (as in drilling rig for artesian wells) Thanks.
  2. P

    watering holes between Calis and Fethiye

    Hi all I am looking at next years holiday and have spotted some nice apartrments that sit between Calis and Fethiye approx 20 - 30 mins walk along the front in both directions. obviously I am aware of dolmus etc and on an evening 20 mins is nothing , my question is if I wanted a watering hole...
  3. John O' Dreams

    Wall Holes for Dampness

    I've arranged for a local man to call around to my place on Tuesday to bang out a couple of holes in my place that are causing me terrible problems with my dampness. Does anyone know what, in particular, I should ask him when he comes?
  4. N

    Little holes - moths?

    Just recently, everything I've taken out of my wardrobe has little holes in it. All my summer clothes from last year and a few suits that I hardly ever wear have been affected. I took all the clothes out (time I had a sort out anyway) and could not find the cause. I was prepared to find some...
  5. arrian

    Pot holes? WOW!!!!

    and we complain about the size of ours!!! Lorry Swallowed By Hole In Chinese Bridge - Yahoo! News
  6. zozatky

    Worlds largest holes..!!

    1. Kimberley Big Hole - South Africa Apparently the largest ever hand-dug excavation in the world, this 1097-meter-deep mine yielded over three tons of diamonds before being closed. 2. Glory Hole - Monticello Dam, California This is the Glory Hole at Monticello Dam, and it's the largest in...
  7. S

    New for 2009 Eating & Watering holes in Altinkum.

    Well as requested i thought i would start a fresh new thread for 2009! All i can say is i love altinkum and cant wait to get back out there i wish we had anough money to live out there all the time,but just now at 26 and a 6 yr old son its just not the right tme! maybe one day i can join you...
  8. bobthenob

    supernovas,pulsars,black holes

    At the heart of the Crab Nebula lies one of the strangest objects in the known universe.A tiny corpse of a deceased star,compressed into unbelievable densities,spins in its grave 30 times per second,sending out a beam of radio waves that were first detected on earth in 1968.lt is called a...
  9. S

    watering holes and eateries

    Hello to everyone. I am going to altinkum on saturday for the first time and cant wait.can anyone recommend some nice restaurants and bars. cheers
  10. O

    Eating and watering holes

    Roughly how many Restaurants/Bars are there in Akbuk[?] We all know about The Ipek Yolu,but if I am to embark on a pub crawl of Akbuk,I need to know how many stops I will have to make:):) Bob
  11. Mushtaq

    Eating & Watering holes in Altinkum - Discussion

    There is a great 24hr resturant on the main road just before Gima (from the beach) on the right hand side across from the new Yasmin Apartments, called 'Saray 2' I have eaten there quite a few times, the food is excellent and cheap, it's open 24hr and they do deliveries, if you can't make it...
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