1. the bueman

    Japanese Sink Hole fixed in 2 days

    Thought this was incredible......fixed in 2 days.....had it been UK or anywhere else they would have been looking into for the next year.....same goes for the clean up on the tsunami. Incredible Japanese workers fix giant sinkhole in two days
  2. B

    Toad in the hole, literally

    These are my honest opinion, and shall remain as such.I have been researching properties to buy for living and investing in.To my horror, most the properties are over priced,but you can negotiate a good deal. I was born in UK,but had the privilege to live in Pakistan.I learned the hard way by...
  3. willip

    large hole being dug on costal road

    I spent the last couple of days painting and cleaning property, as some friends whom are holidaying in Kusadasi were coming over to spent the day and night with us and i wanted to impress them with how lovely and quiet Akbuk is. cannot believe but no sooner did we sit out on the terrace but...
  4. E

    english money from hole ın walls

    hş all ı.m wonderıng whıch bank ın yalı lets u lıft englısh money from the hole ın the wall ıf any many thanks ın advance:21::blowkiss:
  5. arrian

    Hole in one?! road opens up

    and car drops in!!! Miraculous escape for driver as car falls 20ft into sinkhole at traffic lights during storm | Mail Online
  6. butt007

    Kitchen sinks no overflow hole

    Is it everywhere here or maybe just our site. On our site there aren't any overflow drains in the kitchen sinks!! The bathroom has though!! WHY?? This afternoon my better half was filling the watering can in the kitchen sink whilst I was there in the kitchen doing something else just at that...
  7. jcrian

    Hole in the road

    The main, road Dalaman to Marmaris, is closed at Koycegiz as they have dug a 60 ft deep hole to make an underpass. You can get round it by taking one of the side roads and joining the main road the other side of the hole. I'll take some pics and post them tomorrow.
  8. KKOB

    What If I Dig A Very Deep Hole ?

    Have you ever wondered where you'd end up if you dug a hole straight down to the other side of the world ? Tall Eye - If I dig a very deep hole, where will I end up?
  9. jane2005

    Money burning a hole in your pocket?

    http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/english/6789309.asp?gid=74 Phew, it must be hot.
  10. W

    New Watering Hole

    Hi All, I've just got back from hols in Altinkum. We spent most of our time walking around discovering different places to eat and drink. eventually we found our idyllic watering hole away from all the over crowded and popular areas. the inpub beach and cafe bar only opened approx 6 weeks ago...
  11. kaplumba

    airport hell hole.

    Travelled back from Dalaman airport early hours of Saturday. It was as bad as ever possibly worse. We queued for an hour to get in and the departure lounge was full to bursting. They then called us through to the gate, there was nowhere to sit and even the floor was full, standing room only and...
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