1. willip

    pencil holder

    worried about where to put my pencil on the plane in case I lose it ? oh hang on found somewhere lol..
  2. ceemac

    Nice Tax Disc Holder

    Anybody like one of these? C
  3. alison09400

    Guiness World Record Holder...

    Kusadasi become a Guiness World Record Holder yesterday by making the world's largest buffet. The Title was previously held by Arizona with 601 different types of food on their buffet......yesterday Kusadasi had 1028! I didn't get a chance to go and see it myself, but the food didn't last very...
  4. P

    Key Holder needed in Gundogan

    Hi I need someone to look after my house keys in gundogan so as estate agents can show people around my house there. The house is on the Afrodit sitesi near the green beech hotel so the nearer there the better. Or failing that someone who can ask around in gundogan. umut emlak was supposed to be...
  5. spitfire

    FREE Tapu Holder!

    Not custom made but they should do :lol: http://www.averyrefresh.co.uk/locksamples/default.asp Allan :)
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