1. IbrahimAbi

    To have and to hold, from this day forth

    An argument between the families of a newlywed couple over which family would keep the gold coins and jewelry pinned on the bride’s gown led to the injury of 17 people in the Black Sea province of Zonguldak on Aug. 20. 17 injured at wedding over sharing of gifts between families in Turkey?s...
  2. H

    Checking hold bags through.

    We're flying Manchester to Istanbul on 5th Feb, staying in Istanbul for a night and flying to dalaman the following evening. To get the flights times that we wanted we have had to book "multi city" flights. Does anybody know if we can check our bags right through to dalaman when we check in at...
  3. bickern

    Republic should hold referendum on rejoining United Kingdom

    Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness wants a referendum on a united Ireland. Perhaps instead, the Republic should have a referendum on rejoining the UK dare it be said, given the panic it is now in over Brexit. Britain is out, the Republic feels isolated, alone and adrift on the outskirts of the EU. It...
  4. M

    Monarch hold luggage

    Hi, has anyone flown with monarch recently? We have booked the extras package with them which includes baggage etc, but I'm not sure if I will get all of the 26 kg in one bag, I know some airlines let you take it in 2 bags but when I've looked on the website it says it costs over £42 to take a...
  5. Firefox

    Us hold on Uk

    5 years on Millions of £ now Uk is submissive to Us on a white wash inquiry which exonerates B-lair and Bush-Laden. Chilcot inquiry accused of whitewash over letters between Blair and Bush | UK news | The Guardian
  6. suzyq

    AKP mayor in Bingöl refuses to let women hold positions at municipal council

    The new mayor of the eastern town of Bingöl, elected in last week’s local elections from the ranks of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), has refused to let women elected to the local municipal council hold positions of responsibility on religious grounds. Mayor Yücel Barakazi’s...
  7. T

    Will airport polis hold you if you can't pay fine for overstay of visa?

    I'll be flying out of Attaturk on Dec 23rd with a hefty (53 days) breach of my 90 day tourist visa. Can I be held at the airport if I can not produce the cash to cover the fine? thanks,
  8. kemerkid

    Some birds, it seems, hold funerals for their dead.

    When western scrub jays encounter a dead bird, they call out to one another and stop foraging. The jays then often fly down to the dead body and gather around it, scientists have discovered. The behaviour may have evolved to warn other birds of nearby danger, report researchers in California...
  9. val2661

    Tapu hold up how long?

    Today I was told the hold up for sales to foreigners could be a year! I have also heard in the last 48 hours it will be back to normal by end of August. This is from Turkish people involved in property sales. Does anyone have any insight or idea on this, or is it as I suspect conjecture on...
  10. P

    tapu hold ups - any news?

    I know there was a couple of threads about this recently but can't find them, so applogies for repetition of question. Is there any news on the tapu and MC hold up? Its taken 2 years for us to find a buyer and now everything has come to a full stop until this is system is up and running again...
  11. altinkum kev

    New Visa put on hold ?????

    Just found this today . New visa laws cancelled Aegean Independent Fethiye.
  12. bickern

    Hold on tight to the ones you love!

    To realize The value of a sister/brother Ask someone Who doesn't have one. To realize The value of ten years: Ask a newly Divorced couple. To realize The value of four years: Ask a graduate. To realize The value of one year: Ask a student who Has failed a final exam. To realize The value of...
  13. E

    hotels to hold wedding reception in ???

    any of you nice people been in any of the all inclusive hotels for eating , drinking etc ?? and are able to recomend any to hold a wedding and reception there ??:bounce:
  14. perfect1949

    come on hold your hands up

    own up if you have more than one name on TLF or will we be deafened with silence . dave
  15. bobthenob

    Hold onto your dogs

    Please keep a close eye on your pets in Akbuk.Apparently there is an official going around to dog owners saying if you don't control your dog then l will take the dog away and shoot it.He cannot do this because it is illegal,and is just empty threats that he probably is holding a grudge against...
  16. D

    VISA changes REVERSED!

    New Turkish visa regulations to be reversed · Kalkan Turkey · Kalkan Weather · Kalkan Information · Kalkan Map · Kalkan Turkish Local News Latest news on the visa change! It has all seemingly been reversed in the last two days - du to Camerson's visit? Anyway, sorry moderator, I have...
  17. C

    AEGEANFLIGHTS to charge for hold baggage

    Hi i dont know if this has been posted already but we booked the other night for next summer 2010 and when we looked at the smallprint they are only giving away free hold baggage as an early booking incentive until the 1st of July after that everything except hand luggage is charged for.
  18. Joe in Tasucu

    So - how do you hold your glass?

    BBC NEWS | Health | 'Glass hold' reveals personality When I think I have too much time on my hands I find something like this which shows me other people have even more time to waste! I am waiting for the FA Cup final to start and am hoding a bottle of Efes in a "Borderline Alcoholic" type...
  19. P

    Property on hold

    Presently keeping my 3 bed apart on hold as checked to see if habitation certificate was on 2 weeks ago and it wasn't . After an agent enquired with builder who said it was on 2-3 months ago. We are going to buy the habitation certificate and the couple who got their tapu two weeks ago. Their...
  20. M

    Hold baggage contents

    Might be a silly question but has anyone had any problems with putting no-nails or silicone in your suitcase for hold luggage mo
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