1. heatona2

    yalikavak holiday

    Hi all cant wait for tomorra . we fly out from man 22.20 and will get to apt about 5.30 am turkish time , sat morning , a few hrs kip then down to centre for a couple of efes at rahatbar and see whats changed since oct last year . then sat night meal at new mustis then tour around usuals...
  2. arrian

    Package hol giveaway

    The great bargain holiday giveaway: Package firms sell off hundreds of thousands of foreign holidays as Brits opt for staycations | Mail Online
  3. suecheshireuk

    posted in hol lets

    Think I may have posted in the wrong bit, story of my life...lol. looking to rent a place Jan and Feb, please see the hol let section. Thanks sue x
  4. R

    2006 Hol

    Well! Thats it, my friend John and I, have booked fo Calis in August ( all the men will be topless then),we had such a good time there last year, in that gay bar,perhaps we will see that Kay/Kay old boy there, he,s a ghost, you know,and others that we met last year,big Dave,and that bald...
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