1. MandyH

    Hiya everyone! New on here! Need some friends!

    Hi everyone, I'm Mandy and have just moved out here 31st August 2012 to be with my Turkish boyfriend whom I will marry next year. We're renting an apartment in Calis area, near Cafe Pazar. Looking to meet Brits put here for a bit of a social life - can't speak much Turkish yet, tho anyone...
  2. H


    me and two friends are wanting to go work in gumbet next year so we're looking for any info on long term apartment rentals thanks xx
  3. A

    hiya !

    hi we are a couple from southwest scotland and first went to altinkum in 1992 when we were young(ish) free and single lol. we now go back regularly with our 2 kids and have stayed in a variety of different hotels and have always had a great time. going back early october this year and, never...
  4. T


    hiya everyone im torey, going to calis beach for the 3rd time this year, sooner the better,does anyone please know the email addresss for serkul 1 restaurant calis beach, i had a card but since lost it, theyve promised my friend work this year but we cant contact them and are going crazy, big...
  5. D


    Names Will, anaesthetist turned psychologist..lookin for a quiet life in the sun think I found it ;)
  6. K


    hi am Kay am married to Arman we have been married for 7months and we live in Scotland i have a 10yr old daughter from a previous marriage
  7. W


    Would like to say a big hi to you all. My wife & I live in Calis for 18mth with our 2 boxerdogs from the UK:12:
  8. B

    Hiya folks.

    My name is Bette and I have been a lurker for a long time. I am divorced, :biggrin: retired, :5: and have one grown up child. :music: I have a holiday home in Altinkum. This is a very informative and interesting forum, hope to be able to contribute when I get used to it all. :lol:
  9. John O' Dreams

    Hiya folks

    I have a place in Altinkum which I've been visiting quite regularly over the last few years, although I doubt if I'll have time to get there this year. So I'm thinking, if I can't get there I'll bring a bit of it to me here. I've visited the forum on and off over the last couple of years and...
  10. W

    Hiya All

    Hi - I'm new here so just wanted to say "hello". Thinking about moving to Turkey and thought this site would be a good source of information and, perhaps, assistance if need be. I'm looking forward to hopefully getting to know you.
  11. M

    Hiya I'm new-just thought I'd say hello!

    Hi folks! I'm new but have been a lurker for some time now. My fella lives in Antalya and I am hoping to move out there soon to be with him. I'm feeling my feet and hoping to earn some Turkish to surprise him! Chaz
  12. S


    just joined and thought I'd say hello. We have an apartment in Gundogan, although it's not finished yet, so haven't stayed there yet. Looking forward to though - great place. KATY
  13. J

    Hiya, I'm a new member

    Hi I'm Jay and have been browsing the forum for a while and think it is great so thought it would be nice to become a member and join in with the chat and discussions. I hope that's ok as we don't own a property in Turkey? We had our first holiday in Altinkum in 2001 and have been back two or...
  14. M

    Hiya, From Wales

    Hi all, New to the forum and new to Turkey, and after 1 visit to Yalikavak i am addicted. We had 2 excellent weeks with brilliant food and company. Definitely recommend Yali and the Morgul Antik, Sue , Ibrahim and the lads made us feel really welcome and part of family. (food was out of...
  15. plymouthspur

    Hiya - a newie here from Devon.....

    I can't believe a holiday in Altinkum back in August last year has resulted in a further 3 visits and a property purchase. I just fell in love with the place, the people and the relaxed way of life. So I guess I may well be a regular on here now. Look forward to posting and perhaps meeting...
  16. S

    Hiya im a newbie here

    Hiya, my name is Janice and i am married to Jim, we have 3 children although not so much children now lol 26..19..13. We live in Scotland and first went to Altinkum 3 years ago and were smitten with it right away,we booked up never having been to Turkey and we weren't sure on anything...
  17. Danny and Gwen

    Hiya everyone

    We bought a villa in Sedef Koy Mavisehir Didim, two years ago it is a lovely place and we hope to move there in about 3 yrs time, or tommorow if we win the lottery.
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