1. IbrahimAbi

    5.1 Quake hits SE Turkey April 24th

    A magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck Samsat district in Turkey’s southeastern province of Adıyaman early April 24. Adiyaman is the nearest large town to Nemrut, where the stone heads are on top of the mountain. The quake struck at 3:34 a.m. (00:34 GMT) at a depth of seven kilometers, the Turkish...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Turkish female bus driver hits...

    The Headlines. A female Turkish bus driver, Pelin Aslantaş, has suddenly hit headlines after Ivanka Trump, the daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump, mentioned her in a tweet. “Check out Pelin’s story as the first female bus driver in Edirne, Turkey from @UN Women ‘From where I stand’...
  3. bickern

    Eurovision 2015 Greatest Hits

  4. kemerkid

    Stong Earthquake hits Western Turkey.

    About 20 minutes ago an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude struck in the Aegean sea 90 km west of Turkey. There was panic in Istanbul and all the way down to Antalya, my wife is travelling down from Burhania in Balikasi. She felt nothing but her sister who has remained at our holiday home said it was...
  5. teosgirl

    Nargile operation hits Istanbul

    LOCAL - Hookah operation hit Istanbul cafes This is surely just another in a long line of coincidences. The area first targeted by authorities checking the enforcement of new regulations, erroneously referred to by the media as the 'new alcohol bill', was central Besiktas, where the Carsi...
  6. sunshine

    Exchange rate hits 3.00tl = £1

    Have been watching the exchange rate today with interest I wander where this is going as I am looking at changing my holiday money up in the UK but it keeps going up and up! Wish I was in Tinky to change up in a jewellers:21:

    Beer shortage hits Marmaris

    It was reported today in the Bodrum Haber that an articulated lorry coming out of Mugla & heading to Marmaris,overturned & spilt it's 24 ton load across the dual carriageway. It saddens me to report that the 24 ton load of 55 pallets carrying a total of 1320 50cl cans of Efes beer was a total...
  8. T

    Driver hits 3 people

    Footage of a driver who drove into 3 people, no attempt seems to have been made to swerve in a road where there was no traffic. Scary that people will just drive at people with total disregard for their lives. AOL.co.uk -Video - DRAMATIC CCTV FOOTAGE: Police Release Video of Hit and Run
  9. skydog

    100 Injured as Meteor Shower hits Russian city

    Possible meteorite shower causes panic in Russia as shockwave is felt around impact | Mail Online
  10. A

    Tsunami alert 8.7 quake hits Indonesia

    Indonesia’s geophysical agency has registered an 8.9 magnitude earthquake in the Aceh region, off the coast of northern Sumatra. A tsunami warning has been issued, the US Geological Survey reports. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre is monitoring the situation in the Indian Ocean. The closest...
  11. T

    Chart hits

    Apparently this is the chart toppers of all time: Queen's Greatest Hits is the best-selling album in UK chart history with 5.86 million copies sold as of February 2012, followed by The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with 5.04 million copies sold and Abba's Gold (Greatest Hits)...
  12. bickern

    Classic Hits Radio

    For those who like the good old classic gold era there is a nice selection of stations to listen to here. Classic Hits Radio - Listen Online I use all the time
  13. D

    Now the contagion hits germany

    Earlier today a major bond sale in germany under sold by 35pc--which in laymans terms is a disaster for the governemnt of germany--it means no one has confidence in the one economy in the eurozone that so far has been immune. The french credit rating is also in tatters as it all slowly...
  14. E

    Erdogan hits out at high interest rates

    In HDN today - he's at it again. And he said that he is the one who people look to when they complain about high interest rates meaning there are more borrowers than savers in Turkey. Erdogan says interest rates have to come down and I wonder if he has indeed the power to influence this...
  15. G

    Red tape hits foreign buyers...

    Interesting article in todays Huriet daily ne ws (english edition) Red tape hits Turkish property sales to foreigners - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review Might be worth all of us posting a constructive comment! Probably won't change anything, but may prolong story & raise it's importance.
  16. v6cod

    Strong quake hits Eastern Turkey

    A strong quake has hit eastern turkey killing 17 people BBC News - Strong quake hits eastern Turkey
  17. SuperBogs

    8.8-magnitude earthquake hits central Chile

    By EVA VERGARA, Associated Press Writer Eva Vergara, Associated Press Writer – 8 mins ago SANTIAGO, Chile – A massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck Chile early Saturday, collapsing buildings, killing at least 16 people and downing phone lines. President Michele Bachelet declared a "state of...
  18. ceemac

    Medium Earthquake Hits Ankara

    An earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale hit Turkey's capital Ankara on the night from Thursday to Friday, Cihan news agency reports. The earthquake caused panic among the population of the city. There is not yet information on casualties and damage. Source: Trend News: Medium...
  19. ceemac

    Dumper truck hits footbridge in Turkey

    Truck Crashes Into Bridge A truck demolishes a bridge in Istanbul on Monday injuring two people - could have been much much worse. LiveLeak.com - Truck Crashes Into Bridge C
  20. ceemac

    Tornado Hits Alanya

    A tornado hit the popular Mediterranean resort town of Alanya on Monday, damaging many houses and greenhouses in the Konaklı, Payallar and Emişbeleni villages. Here C
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