1. immac

    Hisaronu In The Mail

    Hisaronu makes the papers today: Turkish resort where Nexst, Azda and Selfridgez are the top shop names | Daily Mail Online Ian
  2. C

    My new home - Hisaronu, Turkey

    Hi, My name is Chloe Smith and I recently moved into an apartment in Hisaronu. I've recently moved from England and i'm very new to the place. I was just wondering if there are any nice restaurants around? Thanks
  3. S

    Cost for a new swimming pool in Hisaronu

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my current swimming pool (deeper and bigger with steps into the pool). Can anyone recommend a builder for the Hisaronu/Fethiye area and give me an idea of the costs involved?
  4. D

    Berts Calypso Bar Hisaronu

    I have recently been told by a couple of different people that Bert ( Calypso Bar ) is not coming back to his premises in Hisaronu :-( can anyone else confirm this as this news is a big disappointment :-( In fairness I could see last season how hard he worked for 6 months and the...
  5. D

    Cengiz ( Cengiz bar Hisaronu )

    Sadly Cengiz ( from the Cengiz bar ) has had a heart attack :-( not sure how serious :-( a great local character with a fun personality.... but those who see him , like us, throughout the season will not be surprised :-( his lifestyle, something had to `give` he runs the bar...
  6. M

    Small dog missing in Hisaronu

    We are trying find a tiny dark brown short legged dog ,she was always on the streets in Hisaronu . Around the Lemon Tree down to the fountain area . Also near the Ocean Blue area. She has a kind loving home to go to if we can find her . She is a very sweet little dog and friendly. If someone...
  7. Helenm150

    FAQ'S (taken from Hisaronu The Forum Facebook site)

    FAQ's 1/ what is the exchange rate? a/ three Dido's to one KitKat or two camels for one wife if you're a high roller. 2/ what's the best restaurant? a/ the one where you walk out , do a huge burp and say " by fekk that's the best meal I've ever had" 3/ what's the worst restaurant? a/ the one...
  8. Suecoo66

    Daughter moved to Hisaronu

    My daughter moved to Hisaronu in April to be with her Turkish boyfriend who runs The New St Nicholas Garden Hotel and Summer Time bar We went for the first time last week and enjoyed it there Having spoke to a few ex pats there discovered how cheap it is to live there. So are there any pit...
  9. D

    Visiting Hisaronu end of March?!

    Hi all, hope you're all well! I just wanted some advice, we have been visiting hisaronu for many years and have been many times before just never in winter time. We are coming for my Birthday at the end of March but wanted some advice of what we can do during the day and nights during the week...
  10. D

    bar prices Hisaronu 2012

    Posted - 21 May 2012 : 16:25:24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know alchohol prices have risen in Turkey recently, but many bars now here in Hisaronu are charging 7 and some even 8 lira for a glass of very cheap wine, also...
  11. T

    Green Forest Hotel, Hisaronu

    Hi, does anyone have a web address or telephone number for this hotel? Have looked around the web and not found any direct contact details. Many thanks
  12. Lillylilly

    Hotel Yalcin in Hisaronu

    We are returning to Turkey for a scout around and being the phillistines we are never went anywhere when we lived in Altinkum - not even the Apollen Temple:35: So thought we would go to Hisoranu as we ve heard its nice there and do the Tourist bit and stay at this hotel whilst having a look...
  13. D

    moving to hisaronu

    hi guy im completely stuck im heading over in june for holiday with friends then they go home and i stay so i basically have that 2 week window to find a place to live, only thing is from over here it is very hard. any help would be greately appreciated, cheers xxdebbiexx
  14. H

    In Hisaronu, are any bars open and showing Football this winter ?

    As we are staying in Hisaronu from early January until April 2012 my question is ... are there, or will there be any bars open locally where I can get my `football fix` on monday or wednesday nights and saturdays and Sundays ?
  15. J

    6 month Let wanted in Hisaronu or Ovacik 2012

    Hi, I need a 3 bedroom apartment or villa for may-oct 2012 can anyone suggest any sites or people? Would be very grateful for any help. Thank you xxx :Flower:
  16. A

    hisaronu carboot sales

    Does any one no when the hisaronu carboot sales start?
  17. B

    Hisaronu villa clearance sale! Last few items!!

    Hello All It was great to meet so many of you at the sale this weekend! There are only a few items left that we need to clear by Thursday latest! Glass and wrought iron dining table & 6 wrought iron and wood dining chairs A large wooden traditional wardrobe A smaller ikea style wardrobe...
  18. B

    Hisaronu Villa clearance sale - Everything must go!!

    Hi all, Sadly we're selling our villa in Hisaronu - having spent the best part of the last 14 years holidaying in the village. And as always seems to be the case, our buyers don't want our lovely furniture, fittings and fixtures as they already have all their own "stuff" from their property...
  19. F

    Halcyon Hotel ,Hisaronu

    Hi,looking for info on the Halcyon Hotel in Hisaronu as we are about to book for August 2012,is it good or bad?.Heard it has just been taken over and no longer run by ex_pats:224xb:
  20. E

    Advice on buying in Hisaronu

    Hi all, I have read this forum with avid interest since we went on holiday a month ago and came back with a plan to buy a villa - i wanted to make sure i did my research on the organisation and the pitfalls of buying in Turkey. I have gone through the due dilligence so to speak and have...
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