1. G

    car hire for bodrum airport required

    Hi has anyone got recommendations for a reliable car hire company, I need a car to be left at bodrum airport that I can leave there on my return. (driving to akbuk)
  2. M

    Need to hire a Turkish Lawyer to file the divorce

    Dear friends I am married to a Turkish citizen and have a child who lives with her mother in Istanbul. She has taken all the advantages like she didn't let me see him or talk to him for years. I have been trying to get solution for the divorce but didn't get any right advise. I tried talking...
  3. Kingfisher

    Turkish hire car to North Cyprus

    Has anyone taken a Turkish hire car over to North Cyprus and back?
  4. Jaycey

    Dockless hire bikes.

    London's first dockless hire bike scheme launches https://www.theguardian.com/environment/bike-blog/2017/jul/12/londons-first-dockless-hire-bike-scheme-launches Let’s hope it will be more successful than this one… Gobee.bike pulls out of France due to 'mass destruction' of its dockless...
  5. I

    Car hire Side

    Can anyone recommend a car hire company for airport pickup and drop off for Side. Don't mind being picked up and driven back to airport.
  6. A

    8 Seater Car Hire

    Can anyone advise the law on hiring an 8 seater vehicle. I have been told that it is only allowed for Turkish drivers ?
  7. M

    Car hire in colakli

    Hi everyone i haven't been on the site for a long time but i am looking for some good feed back on car hire in colakli . i normally get a car from the airport but have decided to get one locally in colakli , is there any good recommendations out there. thanks.
  8. E

    Baby equipment hire!

    Hi everyone I'm visiting Yalikavak this summer again, this time with a baby in tow! I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere I can buy or hire a travel cot for two weeks in July. I really don't want to bring one from home as we already have tonnes of luggage to bring already as you do when...
  9. J

    Car Hire

    Who's best for car hire these days. I need something for 3 or 4 days early next month and want to get it locally. Thanks J
  10. P

    Car Hire

    Thinking of hiring a car, any suggestions.
  11. O

    Does anyone have a car available for hire?

    I would like to rent a car for a year. Anybody have any suggestion? ALANYA
  12. S

    Commode hire

    Hi all, does anyone know of any place in Dalyan/Ortaca to hire a commode? I can get one through pram rental but it seems expensive. Or a shop that might sell one and an idea of price? Thanks in advance.
  13. Heathere

    Need To hire a pushchair

    Hi I'm in Turgutreis at the moment & would like to hire or borrow a pushchair for my 4 year old grandson for the next 5 days. Can anyone local help, please. Sorry should have posted in Turgutreis area
  14. T

    Antalya Car Hire

    Hi, Looking to rent a car for a month from 28th October at Antalya Airport, small benzine vehicle, any recommendations please. Regards
  15. J

    Car Hire from Manchester Airport

    Hi, Thanks to the users who replied to my message about the above. The problem was that we didn't have a credit card but only a debit card however, we have managed to get car hire from a company called Indigo (they are brokers for other companies but our car hire is with Avis). We got an amazing...
  16. J

    Car Hire from Manchester Airport

    Hi Has anyone hired a car from Manchester Airport (England) and if so who would you recommend and also what ID do you need if you are actually living in Turkey. Thanks for any help
  17. D

    Car hire

    Can anyone tell me if they have any contact details for reasonable car hire companies in the Altinkum area, preferably on or near Marina Road? Much appreciated.
  18. T

    Baby cot hire in Yalikavak?

    Does anyone know where in Yalikavak I can hire a baby cot for 10 days in May for use in my apartment? Thanks for your help
  19. M

    Car parking and quad bike hire!

    So I'm driving from Marmaris to Kusadasi in July with my boyfriend. I've been to Kusadasi before but always on a coach from Marmaris. Can anyone tell me where I can park while I'm there. We're staying in the Ilayda Avantgarde Hotel on the sea front. It's the hotel above Starbucks. Also, where...
  20. IbrahimAbi

    UK car hire

    We have recently hired a car for a few days from Manchester airport and have been horrified at the cost of adding an additional driver (similar age and experience to original driver, no points on licence etc). Does anyone know of a car hire company that allows a second driver without charging an...
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